Rust and Blood

Rust and Blood

By SnowOwl - Added On 11/1/2013

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Survival horror where you need to gather food
and supplies at day while making sure you have enough
time to get back to your hideout before night comes.
Set in a nightmarish factory world.

Playtime is roughly 1 hour.

"Another dreary sunday.
At least, I think it's sunday.
It's hard to tell for sure.
Everything blurs together here, and the
fog of memory lends a strange cast to

Hours of laying on a bed staring at the
rusty ceiling can make anyone feel strange,
but I don't think that's it.
I haven’t talked to anyone in awhile.
That’s the first thing that crept up on me.
Now it's hunger and thirst.
I have no idea where I am. It could be
another dimension, for all I know.
Maybe I am.
The heaving, incoherent screeching
and strange sounds. I am sure I have
never heard them anywhere but here.
I should probably stop thinking too much
about it, or I will not be able to muster up
the courage to go outside."

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Gubangan 1 month ago
This is great!
banjocal 7 months ago
Very very good. One of the best on here.
GameOnAileen 9 months ago
So far I'm LOVING this game! Even though play time is overall short though, my only critique is on the lack of save spots ... unless I simply haven't figured out how to do so. :D Still, makes for doing a short series difficult. :(
ARaMaKie 9 months ago
Hi Buddies ! What's Up ?

Rust and blood is a pretty game like a Silent Hill , he was released last year and he doesn't lose his interest , indeed the story is realistic and sad , based on the life .

We embody an young boy who fight against his cancer so he accepted a pact with demon who say : It has a remedy on the Garden of Eden .

The story beginning on a little room and the world isn't that the demon promised ...

Also , you can check a gameplay here for have an idea of this great game .

Good Game , See You ++
jaestring 10 months ago
It had a few parts that were a bit freaky, and the atmosphere and music was great! The story was good, albeit sad. The food mechanic was interesting, but I felt like I was constantly having to eat (seeing as how I like to explore) which sometimes broke the immersion into the game for me, but not to the point where I didn't enjoy the game.
darianbakliza 1 year ago
Very interesting game, and a gripping story (a bit pessimistic tho)
The food mechanics were original and I sure got hungry while playing it :p
However it wasn't exactly what I expected from being a horror game, because the atmosfere was more about finding food then listening to scary sounds and awaiting for monsters. However, I would like to see more because good rpg horror games can be really really amazing :) keep up the good work!
gamejoltgam3r 1 year ago
Here's part 1 of my LP:

I loved this game, parts 2 and 3 (final) coming tomorrow and thursday hopefully. Awesome job with the game man. The atmosphere was among the best.
SnowOwl Game's Developer
SnowOwl 1 year ago
You're playing it real hardcore, not picking up one of the most important items, which was next to the first key.
I'm glad you're enjoying the game, though.
animechan 1 year ago
Can you give me a download link to the RPG Engine you used?
I might make a game myself.

THIS GAME WAS AMAZING!Im making my cousin download it and play it so he can understand RPG`s almost always have the best stories.Marvelous and excellent.5 stars :D
SnowOwl Game's Developer
SnowOwl 1 year ago
I used RPG Maker VX Ace. I'm sure with that information, you can find it yourself (google). I'm glad you enjoyed the game.
Gliz_Caldo 1 year ago
Hello, I've made a let's play of your game and honestly I think your game here is really cool. I liked the story and the atmosphere I really enjoyed. I'm constantly reminded of the Otherworld, and because of your game it feels like I finally have a chance to explore such a strange dimension for as long as I want. The story is simple and straightforward that explains so much and the gameplay feels solid. The only problem I had was forgetting to feed the character as I was exploring because I loved the atmosphere so much. Hunger goes fast, but so does the time. Which isn't exactly a problem since the player does have enough time to react before it gets dark.
I really hope you make more games in the future, because Rust and Blood is just wonderful. I would really like to explore more strange worlds that we have seen in Rust and Blood.
SnowOwl Game's Developer
SnowOwl 1 year ago
Thank you and I'm glad you liked the game. Look forward to more games in the future!
Michael_Ellis 1 year ago
I've only played a few minutes of your game so far but I'm hooked already. Great atmosphere!!

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Developer: SnowOwl
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete


Mild Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Mild Language

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