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PlanetScape is a 2D top-down sandbox adventure game, focusing on building, action, and exploration.  You as the player take control of an android, built for an unknown purpose, who has crash landed on a strange and magnificent world.   In order to leave, the player will need to repair his ship by mining for minerals, and then use them to construct replacement modules.   As you explore the surface, and the many layers below, you will uncover the dark secrets of this mysterious land, and the spaceman will have to fight increasingly more daunting demons and monsters, in order to unlock the key to his escape.

The world of PlanetScape is a procedurally generated world, meaning every new game will have a completely unique world for you to explore.  During the game, you will explore large, beautiful locations, from the exotic tropical surface, to the fiery hellish depths below.  You will also be able to create and upgrade several amazing bionic tools and gadgets that will help you progress through the game, and build large and complex structures in order to defend yourself from attack and explore further. 

PlanetScape will keep you exploring, building, and fighting for hours, but you can save your game at anytime in one of 3 save files, picking up where you last left off whenever you wish. PlanetScape is currently only being developed for Windows.  PlanetScape has a purposefully retro visual style which is very easy to run on most current computers running Windows. 


This project still has a lot of work left to do before completion, but before I can move further, I need some helpful feedback from my friends on the Game Jolt.  Thank you for taking the time to look at this WIP and I hope you give this game a try.


NOTE:  The game is still missing music.  I am looking for a composer for this title, as well some help perhaps with some sprites and sounds. look for links to more information on that here as it becomes available


NOTE:  To take a screenshot of the game you can press <P>  at any point after your world has been loaded.  These screenshots are saved in your %localappdata%/PlanetScape folder.  Please take a few screenshots of your favorite moment or best creation, and post it here along with feedback if you do decide to comment.  Thanks again!

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1_8a4979 1 month ago
anyone know how to get to go underground?
1_8a4979 1 month ago
nevermind, you have to make ladder.
Sean Dugan Game's Developer
Sean Dugan 1 month ago
To go underground, craft a Level 2 shovel, dig a hole, and then place a ladder in the hole. There are several underground layers to explore... :)
somnomania 1 month ago
I'm possibly just stupid and/or unobservant, but I can't even get out of the opening menu, or do anything like log in to GameJolt. :( I've tried hitting basically every possible key on the keyboard, and I've tried clicking, right-clicking, etc. The only keys that do anything are arrows/numpad for going up and down through the menu items, and escape for quitting. What am I missing?
somnomania 1 month ago
Nevermind, spacebar was the only thing I didn't try. I've never played a game where space was enter, but it works with the other keys better that way, I guess. Good game! It could definitely use some tweaks, like mouseover text for the parts needed to repair the pod (so I don't have to picture match to figure out what I need), and maybe some additional tutorial info (guidance for what the mystery man needs to have happen before he'll trade, for example). The item names need some different formatting so they can be seen better against all possible backgrounds; the names are really hard to see during the day on the surface, with all those light colors around. But otherwise it's a really strong start, I like it a lot, and it definitely has tons of stuff to keep people engaged for hours. :)
POWER 2 months ago
actually ik a guy who makes his own music, maybe i can get him to do it..idk if your paying or anything but maybe advertising would do. hit me up on steam my name is: ʎɐʍ ƃuoɹM|Rightway
Danroo 5 months ago
Incredibly addictive
lordodin92 6 months ago
hey dude would you mind if i record myself playing your game for my youtube channel?
theblackfalcon 7 months ago
This looks really good, gonna try it out and giev my opinion later.
MCMinus 7 months ago
Great game, very fun.
Nodzi 8 months ago
So many crafting games nowadays o.O, anyways, looks promising
projektzeroe9 4 months ago
BinaryMan 8 months ago
Major bug: if you accidentally build on the portal to level 3 (after the fire pit) then you have to mine the block, and the portal is destroyed forever. Then you have to start over. I'd much prefer if it's possible to dig down once you've unlocked that level because it's going to cost me hours of replay for that accident. If you unlocked it, the game needs to detect and respawn the portal or something.
Shaylonx 9 months ago
I love your game and I find myself getting serious about it when playing it, but how do I go underground? It doesn't tell me how.
Sean Dugan Game's Developer
Sean Dugan 9 months ago
Thanks for playing! To go underground, dig a hole with the spade, and then place a ladder in the hole.
Frying_Pan 8 months ago
Dig a hole on some dirt with a spade the put a ladder on the hole

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Developer: Sean Dugan
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