Paul Moose In Space World

By thecatamites - Added On 8/25/2009

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Meet amazing alien species and visit deadly planets as Paul Moose in Paul Moose In Space World.

This game was made for the Game Jolt 'Axiom' contest. The axiom used was "A picture's worth a thousand words."

There may still be some bugs so please post if any are game breaking! :)


Left click - walk

Right click - open verb coin

Esc - menu

 All music by Raymond Scott. Uses Chris Jones' AGS engine.

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Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley 1 week ago
I made a little LP of your game.
moosepotato 2 months ago
Ten outra ten: im in the game
KyGames 10 months ago
gamejolt uploading rules says you cant post a demo of a game you have to pay for or something! or is that (this feature is only available in the full version) text just to troll me
thecatamites Game's Developer
thecatamites 4 years ago
ahaha that rules, thanks a bunch for posting it man! and to be fair this game really is very short and buggy :)
scoz 4 years ago
Yeah, it's like, "PAUL MOOSE IN SPACE WORLD" *link to here* "Paul Moose is a very short and slightly buggy adventure game, but it makes up for it with a lot of character, plus its unique art style. Most of the graphics in the game were created simply using pencils and paper. Worth playing if you're after something a little different, 3/5 stars." and there's a screeny :D
thecatamites Game's Developer
thecatamites 4 years ago
@scoz: Hey, thanks for letting me know! Do you have the text of the article? (it's already been dismissively reviewed in another magazine so I don't mind scathing too much, haha)
scoz 4 years ago
Heh, big congrats, this was in this months issue of Australian magazine PC Powerplay. It was only a small advert (and kinda scathing in my opinion) but cool none the less.
TheAfterlifeGames 4 years ago
This game is awesome! I love point and click adventures like these. But this is one of the best adventure games i've played. Congrats on winning second place in the axiom contest. I just found out the advertisement was a joke, i got pretty far in this game
Scarzzurs 4 years ago
Played it on a widescreen monitor in the default fullscreen mode.
Windows Vista desktop resolution: 1680x1050.
Regarding the tv, it disappeared when i entered the second room, not the the third. It didn't follow me to the second room, and when i went back into the first room it was gone...
thecatamites Game's Developer
thecatamites 4 years ago
Scarzzurs: the television thing was just laziness on my part (didn't want to write all the object interactions with the alien so none of the robots can enter the main deck) but I don't know what's up with the screen thing. Were you playing in windowed mode?

Game Info

Developer: thecatamites
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Adventure Game Studio


Mild Cartoon Violence
Comical Shenanigans

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