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This is a story of a brave boy who traveled the seas of Greece with his parents.
The name of the boy was Timaeus.
One day the water was calm until something unusual and sad was happened.
A giant sea monster just came out from nowhere and attacked the ship with a great force!
The parents of Timaeus have been lost in the deep sea.
Timaeus couldn't do anything to save them but now he must do something to save him self.
Suddenly the help came by the gods. A dolphin have saved Timaeus and now he must run away from the monster and find a way to bring his parents back.
God Hades was responsible for the loss of his parents and Timaeus knew that.
And the adventure has just been started for Timaeus.

Mythology is a 3rd Person Action/Adventure PC game based on the Greek mythology. The main protagonist of the game is a little boy with the name Timaeus.

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william smith
william smith 5 days ago
good game i cant kill the titan tho but other then that its cool reminds me of zelda ocarina of time very fun to play hope to see more like it hopefully even a second game.
obey 1 week ago
this story looks like god of war ???? -rise my eyebrow-
DKGille 3 weeks ago
Good game :) I love it and hope there will come a number 2. I get that felling i just want to play it all night! :D Thanks for a awesome game! :)
TwixDestroyer 1 month ago
This is a decent game, but it always crashes after I defeat the second boss
theANTWON115 3 months ago
PLEASE HELP. my game doesn't work. i started a new game, went through the whole intro and when i was on the dolphin i couldnt see my character. i only saw the water the sky and the map. it also came up with the save doesnt work. PLEASE HELP
Elucidator 4 months ago
romualdzardzin 4 months ago
This game is AWESOME! It's so old-school, like a PlayStation One game! So much nostalgia! Reminds me of Legend of Zelda, was that adventure feeling in it! I give it a 10 out 10! AMAZING JOB!!1!
themanapause 6 months ago
hey, i was wondering if i could use this game in a lets play on youtube, ill link the game and give credit to you for making it. Thanks.
BananowyMurzyn 6 months ago
Pretty good game, but the movement is bad, so I rate 4.
Zlowly07 6 months ago
Just finished the game...
and here is my review...

so uh you got a plenty of a flat and plain terrain... you should improve those terrain with adding more trees,building,character
and maybe if you gonna make a next update or maybe make the second chapter of this Mythology i really waiting for it which i suggest you to
-Make a Quest which if we clear the quest can give us some Exp,Gold,and some Items
-Make more NPCs that we can interact to
-Add some secret?
-Add more items
-And yeah my favorite is... maybe you can add the Medusa's head and the Bow every 10 wave in the arena you can defeat monsters to get the bows
and every 5 wave or (more) you can get a Health Restoration and Mana Restoration or a Pot...

and yeah i think those above is somekind of suggestion thou not Review ...

Dungeon:You really need to remove those barrels in dungeon... it doesn't fit well maybe you add some bones or corpse and broken things in there.
Maybe you can make the Monsters Respawning so you can leveling in each place got the monster or maybe even you create a place to leveling.

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Developer: Sakis25
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence

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