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This is a story of a brave boy who traveled the seas of Greece with his parents.
The name of the boy was Timaeus.
One day the water was calm until something unusual and sad was happened.
A giant sea monster just came out from nowhere and attacked the ship with a great force!
The parents of Timaeus have been lost in the deep sea.
Timaeus couldn't do anything to save them but now he must do something to save him self.
Suddenly the help came by the gods. A dolphin have saved Timaeus and now he must run away from the monster and find a way to bring his parents back.
God Hades was responsible for the loss of his parents and Timaeus knew that.
And the adventure has just been started for Timaeus.

Mythology is a 3rd Person Action/Adventure PC game based on the Greek mythology. The main protagonist of the game is a little boy with the name Timaeus.

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Nothk 1 month ago
Muito bom Parabens cara.
DaVince 1 month ago
I'll be honest.

The graphics are acceptable enough; they remind me of PS1 graphics. I'm sure that's what you were going with so you succeeded there.

The gameplay, however, is quite generic, uninspired and tedious. Movement is slow, and the control scheme is unconventional and unintuitive. (I suggest remapping at least the following controls: left click for attack, right click for shield, E for interaction with characters, shift to run faster.)

The sea monster fleeing scene feels incredibly sluggish, and it's pretty unfair. I see a few ways in which you can fix this:
The water is moving forward towards the camera. Make it move rapidly backward instead. Add (many!) splashes that quickly move backwards behind both the dolphin and the monster. Make the monster bend forward more.
To make the gameplay in this part a bit more interesting, replace the island with different types of rock formations that you can jump over with the dolphin. Perhaps add a small reward for taking the risky route, too.

Regarding dungeons: please don't start with tedious, slow tightrope walking when you're just given a sword and shield. And change the sound effect into wood hitting something rather than a sword unsheathing. ;) I also don't feel any reason ever to use the shield, it might be a good idea to have some enemies give an indication at which moments it's a good idea to use it (at least, if there are any enemies that don't continuously attack).

Oh, and getting a sword to swat bees with was rather illogical. :P You might want to drop Timaeus having to obtain a sword and shield at all, or leave the shield for later on in the game since, well, it feels highly unoriginal and considering how easy they are to get it feels like you're simply being held up in an area. If there is a (mythological/story-based) reason Timaeus has to get these, then fine, but instead develop that *more* (without it becoming tedious!). I mean heck, you find the shield in a chest that takes 30 seconds to get to...

There's a lot more I could be saying, but I'll leave you with this feedback for now. Hopefully you'll find it helpful.
AudioFreak 1 month ago
I, however, disagree since I tend to have no problem playing this game. The only concern I have is the story's pace.
NukeOTron 6 months ago
I liked this game on the YoYoGames Sandbox. ...I just couldn't beat that last boss. Also, I'm surprised that this thing runs pretty fast on a Windows XP computer.
Ironblade 7 months ago
To kill the main boss you have to hit the rocks he fires at you back at him. The bow also does damage, but it isn't enough to kill him alone.
BananowyMurzyn 8 months ago
How to kill the Main Boss?
N3okiees 9 months ago
Good Game
william smith
william smith 10 months ago
good game i cant kill the titan tho but other then that its cool reminds me of zelda ocarina of time very fun to play hope to see more like it hopefully even a second game.
obey 10 months ago
this story looks like god of war ???? -rise my eyebrow-
DKGille 10 months ago
Good game :) I love it and hope there will come a number 2. I get that felling i just want to play it all night! :D Thanks for a awesome game! :)
TwixDestroyer 11 months ago
This is a decent game, but it always crashes after I defeat the second boss

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Developer: Sakis25
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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