Murder at Masquerade Manor

By skysthelimit - Added On 11/17/2013

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Welcome to masquerade manor. Mr white will be hosting the most spectacular party of the year, or will he? Join the party as the inspector and put your expertise to good use to solve puzzles, find objects........ and avoid being the next victim!

And if you fail that, try again, its all procedurally generated so it wont be the same next time you play!

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silver0haru 1 day ago
Good job. i really enjoyed this game.
nebulous 2 days ago
So cool, clever and small game!
nickbarrett5011 6 days ago
Wow, this game is marvelous!
I completely loved it, fantastic!
In fact...I have some suggetions I would be very happy to see in upcoming versions.

Like, changing the character's appearance, like hair...and these things. I think it would be really nice.
And some other things people already mentioned it. But out of that..this game is fantastic! Gongratulations.
Aquilona 1 week ago
Awesome, like a detective story from the book!
Deburke321 1 week ago
I found it really hard, but I gave it a go :)
Torawesome 1 week ago
Hey this game is fun, but eventually, even though it's randomly generated, ik the way that i can always find the killer.
1st find out where everyone is, you will notice two people will say they were in the same place, so one is lying.
2nd- find murder weapon, once found you see who had it out of the two, and that was the murderer.

Ways to make this better.
1. obviously the murderer will try to kill you, but what if he kills other guest too?
2. Make it harder to find the killer, maybe two people were helping each other.
3. Add more to the dialogue
4.Make the motive, more important to the game.
5. Maybe make clue other than the murder weapon around the map

I understand this is a lot, and i dont expect you to do all of this, but do consider, maybe making different modes. This game has a lot of things going for it, So exploit it, and add more. Do all you focus into this game to make it the best, no other game compares to this.
skysthelimit Game's Developer
skysthelimit 1 week ago
These are all very well thought out suggestions, thank you for your feedback.

I had personally become very aware of the problem very early on, that the pattern makes it too easy to work out following play-throughs. we have solved this problem by having different patterns of play that make it almost impossible to use these methods to solve the puzzle.

we have also added much stronger motives and dialogue so you will be pleased to see that featured.
Overall it will be a much richer experience while trying to solve the murder.
SAM HARD 1 week ago
This game is surprisingly scary. I hate how they just follow you after you're done talking to them, creepy.
SnakeZ 1 week ago
I love this game, but i think that the killer can't kill you while you're watching him. Keep working on this game please :)
will2fite 1 week ago
Excellent work with this game. Are you planning to make others like it?
bobbyblabby1000 2 weeks ago
OMG, this is a very tricky but yet awesome game to play. i was able to find out who the murderer was on my second try but i got rekted on my first try. lol. 5/5 rating for this game.

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Developer: skysthelimit
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity


Realistic Violence

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