Murder at Masquerade Manor

By skysthelimit - Added On 11/17/2013

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Welcome to masquerade manor. Mr white will be hosting the most spectacular party of the year, or will he? Join the party as the inspector and put your expertise to good use to solve puzzles, find objects........ and avoid being the next victim!

And if you fail that, try again, its all procedurally generated so it wont be the same next time you play!

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Posted By Chris Priestman 12/11/2013

Cluedo. Except the murderer is chasing you. That’s what Murder At Masquerade Manor boils down to. But such a description doesn’t do the game’s creepiness justice. Those masks freak me out, especially when the person wearing it starts walking towards you as soon as you enter the room.

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Polygraph 6 days ago
Is there an email I could contact you guys at?
ghostwarrior991 1 week ago
Im doing some lets plays and im a somewhat new youtuber sorry for the advertising like i shouldnt have but eh
Liduso 1 week ago
Forgot to link my gameplay here from like a million years ago lol.
Be warned tho it's loud AF at the start.

Anyway, only main problem I saw was after extended gameplay you suddenly end up walking to the side. The concept was fun and the tension was heavy, all in all great!
3Nex 2 weeks ago
I love absolutely everything about this game, except for the bugs of course, and i am also quite missing the sprint button. Very glad to hear from the developer that they are remaking it, hopefully the plans did not change on that matter. Good luck, can't wait!
skysthelimit Game's Developer
skysthelimit 2 weeks ago
No we are still hard at work on this. We are contemplating the idea of the sprint button, It has been implemented already but whether or not we will keep it in is down to the testing.

And of course bugs will be exterminated.

We are still open to feedback, so far what we have planned is more or less in key to what people are asking for.
3Nex 2 weeks ago
Any dates set for the first beta to be published?
skysthelimit Game's Developer
skysthelimit 1 week ago
Not currently. Unfortunately we are working on this in our free time which makes it very difficult to estimate. Although we do hope to push forward with game development full time eventually. Hopefully we can get the support from people who like what we do to be able to do that.
bloodspade8 2 weeks ago
I love this! I did find a small bug when I was playing it on another laptop, though. When I was trying to go straight forward, the inspector would go to the left a bit as well. It was like moving at 10 O'Clock instead of 12. It went away the next time I played and I haven't met with it since. I just thought I'd let you know.
†♄ε н◎øη❡ṧ
Awesome details-Checked
A murderer hunting you down-CHECKED

A murder occured and you just wanna check out how sexy this place is while talking to people and ticking names on your journal to find out who in the world is the murderer An Amazing game with amazing gameplay! 5/5!!!
koda_1234 3 weeks ago
Im scared to play again
himynameis0927 1 month ago
This looks like an amazing game but is there any way you could make it available for mac?
DahPolarBear 1 month ago
Played it :)
Tell me what you think :)
obey 1 month ago
its nice game and i always get murder :D

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Developer: skysthelimit
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity


Realistic Violence

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