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Minicraft v1.0.2


 * (w,a,s,d)     Player Movement

 * (Space)       Jump

 * (Shift)       Walk

 * (Mouse1)      Break Block

 * (Mouse2)      Build Block

 * (Mouse Wheel) Change Selection

 * (1...9,0)     Change Selection

 * (i)           Open Inventory

 * (+)           Zoom In

 * (-)           Zoom Out

 * (m)           Mute/Unmute Sound

 * (Esc)         Save and Quit

 * (q)           Toss Selected Item

 * (f)           View FPS

How To Play

     Watch your blue and red selectors.  They show where you will build or break blocks, respectively.  Crafting is very similar to Minecraft: put items into the crafting table to craft them. Right-click on the crafting table to open it and your inventory. The crafting templates are the same for the items we chose to put in.  Here are a few recipes to try.  Collect better matierals (wood->stone->iron->diamond) to create better tools.  Pickaxes are the only tools which can break stone.  Axes break wood tiles faster, and shovels break dirt, sand, and leaves very quickly.

w = wood, p = plank, x = sticks, s = stone, i = stone, d = diamond

[w _]

[_ _] --> p x 4

[p p]

[p p] --> crafting table

[p _]

[p _] ---> sticks x 4

[x _ x]

[x x x] ---> ladder x 4

[x _ x]

[w w w]

[_ x _] ---> wooden pickaxe

[_ x _]

-Complete list in README.txt!-

Fun Things To Do

 * Collect Materials

 * Build a crafting table

 * Create tools

 * Go spelunking

 * Mine for minerals

 * Grow trees

 * Build a castle

 * Build an underwater cave

 * Build anything you can imagine!

Change Log
 * Version 1.0 (7/7/2010)
    -Initial Release
 * Version 1.0.1 (7/8/2010)
    -Exe launcher
    -Bug fixes (shovel template and inventory Updating)
 * Version 1.0.2 (7/9/2010)
    -Tool durability
    -Inventory Bug fix
    -Tools will no longer stack

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evilcorgi 8 months ago
I really like this game. It calls back to Minecraft's Alpha days beautifully, and it's incredibly relaxing. The graphics and music are charming, and the controls are simple. It could use a little work with it's fluidity. At the moment, it feels clunky, and the worlds are small, but it's great nonetheless. If you just polished the mechanics you already have, and added a few new ones like new blocks, bigger worlds, mobs and tools, you'd have a really nice game. I truly hope you sever this game's ties with Minecraft so that you can go on to release this as a fully original title, because it offers the Minecraft charm and the Terraria perspective without all the bloat and clutter with those two titles. I would pay money for a later version of this game. Bravo.
ChickenBash 8 months ago
make torches animals night time monsters beds and much more >:-/ and beds make it where you respawn
ChickenBash 8 months ago
awesome!!! i RATE THIS 5 :D 2D like terraria and minecraft 2D :D :D :D
TizziGaming 10 months ago
Is this like Terraria ?
skarba 11 months ago
.... basically a 2D minecraft BETA
BoonTheMoon Game's Developer
BoonTheMoon 11 months ago
It was made after Minecract Indev, but that's the idea!
pewdiepie 11 months ago
sorry bro but "minicraft" is already taken
Raxil10 11 months ago
i think notch made it at ludum dare,,, cool game, too bad he removed it,,,
BoonTheMoon Game's Developer
BoonTheMoon 11 months ago
Funny you should say that. I made this game for a game jam which Notch suggested people make Minecraft demakes in 2010 way before minicraft was "taken". If you're curious, check out the source here:
XxxBM182xxX 1 year ago

awsome game, but whats with coal?
BoonTheMoon Game's Developer
BoonTheMoon 1 year ago
The newest version on github has torches and lighting! It'll be on here soon. :)
HexZyle 1 year ago
I experienced the exact same problem as Fenyx. It is lacking quite a bit.
Even though it is a demake, it's a fairly bare one, and doesn't really add anything new that hasn't been done already. (there are already quite a few 2D minecraft clones)
Apart from that, it's a fairly clean cut game. (aside from the annoying looping music and "water walking" :P)
BoonTheMoon Game's Developer
BoonTheMoon 1 year ago
This game did come out July 2010. Before SMP and a lot of new Minecraft clones/features. I just started updating it again, feel free to come on over to the github and add something you think is missing!
coobie 2 years ago
Eh... It's not horrible, but as a platformer it is pretty bad, as an MC clone it is pretty bad due to the lack of different materials to build with (only cobble, dirt, and sand), and as far as finding materials, when I found diamonds a bug killed them somehow. :/
JensonGames 2 years ago
I noticed some bugs in the game, but overall this is a great there anyway i could help program? Also is there mod support?
BoonTheMoon Game's Developer
BoonTheMoon 2 years ago
It's now open source!

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Developer: BoonTheMoon
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Engine/Language: Java
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