Mario Today 1.0

By HackingTag Studios - Added On 4/19/2014

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Mario Today is a Mario series created by HackingTag Security.


Left Shift Key: Jump
Right Arrow Button: Move to right
Leftt Arrow Button: Move to left
F9 Button: Take a screenshot
F5 Button: Save
F6 Button: Load
F9 Button: Take a Screenshot

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PIW3CZK0 5 months ago
AleksandarGocev 11 months ago
It was awesome, I liked it ^^ :)
awesomeone 1 year ago
not bad
Operator Carce
Operator Carce 1 year ago
Hello engine? Never heard of it. It can't be that popular since physics aren't working properly (me flying infinitely after hitting few enemies at once).Once again GM hates sounds, so there are some problems if you set sound over 48000hz. Depth is wrong (even at the beginning the flag is behind me but in front of the ground). Game continues even if you die. Not your graphics, but that's because it's a mario game. Still not an excuse for very low resolution. And finally framerate... i guess its GMs problem, but i don't see a reason for a game that has 100 pixels to chug on a pc that runs Crysis on max... Just did a little search on the Hello engine... Why does the engine look better then the game based on it.. and by based i mean...well.. Did you just upload the older version of the engine or what?
Jolteon 1 year ago
Gee what's with all these fangames with Hello Engine? It's become a rarity now to find a Mario fangame that doesn't use that engine. Hello's Engine is really overused to the point, that I think it's best to avoid using it if you want to make a Mario fangame.

Why is there clash everywhere? SMAS SMB1 and SMB3 graphics just don't mix and what's with the strange placement of tiles. They seem kinda randomly picked, and the collision doesn't apply to every tile.

Layouts are a bit too dull in my opinion, and spamming enemies/? blocks don't help either.

Game Info

Developer: HackingTag Studios
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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