Imaginary Realm 2

By Zeiva Inc - Added On 9/30/2009

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This is an adventure/visual novel based on an original series, Imaginary Realm. Basically you help the main character, Orem to dress up to join Costume Competition and win lots of cash. There are 31 costumes and 10 endings altogether, so there are plenty replay value.

If you like anime, comedy and don't mind reading a lot of texts, then this may be your cup of tea. If you don't like reading lots of texts in your game, I suggest avoiding this like a plague. ^^;

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Nekomura Games
Nekomura Games 5 years ago
Really enjoyed the game - very funny too. The atmosphere is great and I love the characters!

Perfect for a nice and relaxed session.
Reigalius 5 years ago
It's alright, but more of a story than a game. Perhaps if there were branching storylines, I would consider the verb "played" rather than "watched". Nice anyways, though. Very good artwork.
edwardE 5 years ago
Although I'm not really familiar enough with visual novels, it's apparent that some TLC was put into this; it's all put together quite well!

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Developer: Zeiva Inc
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
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