Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - Towel Day

By DN Games - Added On 5/24/2009

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Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy: Towel Day


Well, hello, and thanks for taking your time on reading this. What do you need to know about this game?
1) Always play it with your towel on your side.
2) Go make yourself a nice cup of Tea.
3) Don't expect more than one hour of gameplay. It's a really short game.


Four figures run on a corridor, they see a small blink of a light and head towards it..

850 MHz Processor
32 MB Graphic Card
256MB of memory
6MB disk space.

1000 MHz Processor
64 MB Graphic Card
512MB of memory
6MB disk space.

-Playing the game in non-Windows OS:

Cross-Platform Features:
 Well, in case you’re using something else but Windows, some features of the AGS Engine aren’t supported for all platforms. The game will still play but those features won’t be available. So those are:

Supported only for Windows and if the game is played Fullscreen.

Supported only for Windows. You can still play on DirectDraw.

Video Cutscenes:
Supported for Windows and MacOS. If you’re using something else you’ll just get a message that you can’t see the video and the game will continue smoothly.


Left Click:
When the mouse isn't on something interactable, if you click, the playable character will walk as close to where you clicked. If the mouse is on something interactable a GUI (Graphic User Interface) will open and will show the name of what you're on. So then a GUI containing two buttons for objects and 3 for characters will pop up. You can select an action by left clicking and cancel by moving the mouse off the GUI. Consult the label on what action you wish to be performed.

Right Click:
It opens the Swap Character GUI.
Once it's open you get to notice two buttons:

-Dent's face: Sets Dent as playable character.
-Marvin's face: Sets the paranoid android as the playable character.

You can switch as many times as you wish. You can select a playable character between those two or cancel by moving the mouse off the GUI.

Mouse Wheel:
 Scrolls anything in the game that's scrollable.

 Look at something-someone /Examine something-someone.

 Talk to someone.

 Interact with/Use something-someone.

 Aborts the game with prompt (asking).

 Opens a dialog where you can type in the filename of the screenshot you’re about to take. Screenshots can be found at the savegames folder.  Which is HHGTG Towel Day and is created at the documents folder.

 Opens a restart game dialog, you will be prompted whether you wish to restart or not.

F5 or F7:
 Opens the save and load game dialog, whereas apparently you can manipulate your (if existent) saved games.

List of scrolling bar buttons:
-Options: open s the screen we talked about at the settings section of this readme.
-Save/Load: opens the Save games GUI. To save the game type the name of it and either press enter or clicks on save. To restore a previously saved game, select it and click on load. It goes for delete. To scroll the list of save games up and down either use the mouse wheel or click the arrows.

-Restart: apparently restarts the game (with prompting).

Aspects of the Game:

-Save games
As in every game that respects itself, you can save the game. And restore, replace and delete. Just type in the name you‘d like and press enter or click on save.

-Narrator Choice
You have the liberty of choosing your narrator anytime in the game between two choices, Slartibartfast and Great Green Arklseizure.

-Trial And Error
Well, that’s what the game’s all about. There are no dead-ends by the way.

Art, Music, Programming, Story/Dialogs - James Spanos (Dualnames):
Music - Arjanpelle
Some testing - Bicilotti, Ghost, Ben304

Thanks to: ProgzMax and IndieBoy(for some background art tips)
Dedicated To: Towel Day, HHGTG fans, LUniqueDan (if it wasn't for his swearing I wouldn't have thought of making this),

1) Visit our site: h2g2remake.wordpress.com
2) PM Dualnames from the AGS forums
3) Send a lovely mail here: justledzep@mail.gr


Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - Towel Day:

Certain sound files, which are downloaded and used properly from soundsnap, have their rights still maintained by their original authors.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galax

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Developer: DN Games
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Adventure Game Studio
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