Generous Santa Dressup

By gamesblue - Added On 12/20/2011

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This year Santa is more generous than ever. He worked hard in order to create special toys for all the kids around the world, all kind of toys and other Christmas gifts. Play with Santa, collect put all the gifts in his bag and then dress him up with his special Christmas costume. Get ready kids, Santa is coming and he has something nice for everyone. Wait him now, you won't regret it!

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Dylan Rees
Dylan Rees 1 year ago
Everything about this is a travesty that dumps a holiday that everyone loves into some kind of kitschy, smooth jazz cesspool. I would suggest that all physical copies of it should be destroyed, but since we live in the age of the Internet, the damage is done.

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Developer: gamesblue
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
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