By Ace Poison - Added On 8/9/2010

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  Made in less than 3 days for the Weekend Jam 2.  Play as a freak!  You can swing across ledges and hooks with your grappling hook to cross dangerous areas.  Find your way through the traps of the weird world you're stuck inside.  Very weird, and the graphics are great!  I hope that everybody will like this game! :D

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Retsamuga 2 years ago
the grphical style is really cool and the gameplay too! dont like the music, anyway, great game
Asaurus Games
Asaurus Games 4 years ago
Some glitches, but great graphics! I found the grapple hooks frustrating, but nice game overall.
runewake2 4 years ago
This game is still pretty glitchy if you run into a wall you just sort of stick to it. The grapplig hook is hard to use as well.

The graphics are cool though and the rest of the game is fairly smooth.
Devsk! 4 years ago
Wow, now that you admitted that you ripped off my game, I dislike It.
Ace Poison Game's Developer
Ace Poison 4 years ago
WTH? I didn't rip it off? I said I wanted it to be 'like' your game. And anyways, it didn't turn out like your game.
1.) The bg was used in GHOST first. That isn't a rip-off.
2.) You can't be mad at Nikc about having a striped bg, you don't have that copyrighted or anything, a LOT of games have that in their background.
3.) All games are going to be alike another game in some way. If you're calling this a ripoff then you can basically say you ripped off every other ninja game out there.
4.) Sorry if you think I ripped it off, you did use my grass sprites and my platforming engine, so either way they turned out alike.
5.) Don't be mad. Please, don't turn this into another fight...
Devsk! 4 years ago
I was not talking about any of that, you said In the chat you ripped my game off. Just simply ask a MOD to remove my rating. :)
Blok 4 years ago
Yesh! I won! Great game btw.
soyyo 4 years ago
The graphics are good, but i found a lot of glitches
Nikc-Nack 4 years ago
I like it alot. The grapple hook is really choppy. Sometimes I get stuck on corners. But it us a really good game neverless.
Perhaps if you make some fixes I will upgrade your super great rating(4) to a super, super rating(5).

Nice Game though. Stunning Graphics, cool music, and a nice simple gameplay.
Honnorotable 4 years ago
I got stuck alot at corners and the rocket hited me fix that It got annoying since it heppened so many times with me
Devsk! 4 years ago
Really great platformer, nice and smooth. The grapple hooks were messy at first for me, but I got the hang of them. Overall : I like It.

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Developer: Ace Poison
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Cartoon Violence
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