Error City Tourist

By Strangethink - Added On 6/29/2014

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Error City Tourist. #glitchjam
Follow signs to find the monorail.

W,A,S,D and mouse.
Space to jump.
Hold left shift to sprint.
Left mouse button to use computers.

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janellelaqui 1 month ago
I do like the mood and setting of this (love the atmospheric track <3) though I imagine if this were expanded upon it would make for something intriguing~ (perhaps the messages (are they procedurally generated from a pool of text input?) could lead to a sort of quest or discovery?)
TurboPotato 1 month ago
i fucking love this guys games they are calm and weird in a good way, beutiful colors and amazing artstyle 10/10
Ben Allen
Ben Allen 2 months ago
You've become like, the king of atmospheric, ambient, and strange unity games. The music, the visuals, the lack of explanations, it's just so perfect. Also, how the hell do you make your skies??? Is it computer generated or did you hand-make that thing? I'm jealous! Love your games <3
Solstice / Bas Oosterling
What a beautiful and creepy game. It speaks to my subconscious, idk what it is, but it's like some sort of insanity that all humans bottle up very deeply in their Souls, Spirits, brains, consciousness, hearts, whatever you'd call it, that psychedelic art like this ''awakens''. I feel uneasy playing this game, as if I'm on drugs, LSD, whatever. I love how games like this can ''awaken'' something inside of a human being. Really epic.
DestryHawk 2 months ago
Like taking a nice stroll through an unsettling but beautiful dream.
glossygeorg 2 months ago
There are 2 problems i found.

1) Everything is well kinda the same.You should add something like landmarks and huge buildings like a sort of bank or parliament.

2) In the Indie Impressions review,he gets eaten by one of the citizens.I played the unity game on the website and downloaded it as well.the citizens are just NPCs.
Solstice / Bas Oosterling
I kinda disagree with 1) but agree with 2).
James Game
James Game 2 months ago
Really impressive glitch graphics (aliasing, the sky)
AIs could be improved, though
datbossuknow147 4 months ago
i found a glitch to get on top of the train
Martin_Monosys 4 months ago
He, pretty neat game, actually... Maybe some objective would be cool.
Reminds me of my own game a bit...just that this one is better! ;)
Cool music, too!
Pandito (Joseph)
Pandito (Joseph) 4 months ago
Very experimental, great aesthetic discoveries, the flow of the movement is just neat. It was pretty cool how there was a monorail to discover too, that brought new elements to the movement mechanics. It was really fun just running through the city.

Thanks for making this!

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Developer: Strangethink
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity
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