Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor

Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor

By Ape Marina - Added On 12/26/2013

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Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor is an old-style point-and-click adventure game, inspired by the great Sierra and Lucas 90's classics.  It has an old-fashion graphic style, totally hand-drawn. The drawings were scanned and colored with simple photo-editing programs. Game interface is old style too (maybe not like current games, but great fascination for old-gamers), inspired by old Sierra and Lucas games (such as Sam & Max). The dialogues, the characters and the situations have a sense of humor inspired by games like "Day of the Tentacle" or "Monkey Island".


Donald Dowell is a nice old man in his eighties, retired for many years.  Donald s life, except for his "intolerable" wife, is quiet.  But Donald feels empty. He has the socalled retiree's syndrome : he s bored to death!  The only way to cure his boredom is TO GO BACK TO WORK.

After many hours spent in his city, trying to get hired for various jobs, he finally finds his calling: to be a GHOSTBUSTER!

Donald will try to become Bob Delano s assistant (the most famous occult detective in Ireland), be involved in the investigation of Barker Manor and, hopefully, solve the mystery.

Genre: Adventure Game - Comedy

Platform: Windows Xp/Vista/Seven/8

Graphics: 2D

Type: Third Person Adventure Game

Interface: Old Sierra, icons Look, Walk, Talk, Interact

Totally playable with the mouse

Language: English / Italian


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BitoSSES 2 months ago
107.4 MG
Tattius 4 months ago
This game is awesome!!! I loved it. The story is great, and the main character is so funny. Congratulations for the amazing work and thank you, I laughed a lot.
Ape Marina Game's Developer
Ape Marina 4 months ago
Thank you so much ^^
ashleyislame 7 months ago
Haven't gotten too far but loving this game so far! Super rad graphics, I love that everything is hand-drawn. Looks awesome. So corny and funny. Great game. 5/5.
Ape Marina Game's Developer
Ape Marina 7 months ago
Thank you sooo much ^^
TheOdie 8 months ago
A very silly, yet exciting point and click game. I find myself laughing a lot of the times by its comedy, which is both cheesy and corny but in a fun way. This game is definitely a great break on the horror game genres if you're still looking for something supernatural to play. Feel free to follow my gameplay of the game:
Ape Marina Game's Developer
Ape Marina 7 months ago
Cool! Thanks ^^
mrsdugger78 8 months ago
I love this game. It reminds me of a game I used to play called Maniac Mansion on the original NES. I love games like this! I am right now currently making a Let's Play video for youtube and wanted to share this game with everyone, if it is alright with you. Thanks for the great game. I am really enjoying it.

My link to my video-
Ape Marina Game's Developer
Ape Marina 8 months ago
Hey, thanks a lot for your kind words.
Of course yes, you can make a Let's play :-)
Rekashal 8 months ago
Awesome! Totally loving it so far!

Doing a let's play of it! Hope that's ok?
Ape Marina Game's Developer
Ape Marina 8 months ago
Thanks a lot for you Let's play :-)
Lost Craft
Lost Craft 10 months ago
Easily one of the best AGS games ever, and an outstanding adventure game in its own right!
paupasia 10 months ago
A really fun game!! I loved Donald!
notverysure 11 months ago
I'm loving this game so far! Very fun. Will there be more Donald Dowell adventures?
Ape Marina Game's Developer
Ape Marina 11 months ago
Thank you so much :-)
Well a lot of people asked us if there will be a DD-2 ... let's see...
That won't happen soon.. but in future, maybe who knows.
jeremyleveille1 1 year ago
Is Awesome Really Awesome Love the Music Graphic Everything dude really awesome work :) !
Ape Marina Game's Developer
Ape Marina 1 year ago
Thank you so much. I'm happy you're enjoying it.

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