Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon"

Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon"

By CaptainD - Added On 8/12/2013

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Sleep walking through an open StarGate isn't the best of ways to end up on a distant moon, especially when the StarGate closes behind you before you wake up.  This is the position that the intrepid Captain Disaster finds himself in - not all, however, is as it seems; there is a greater purpose at work here.


With innumerable references to classic adventure games, science fiction and of course Pink Floyd, Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon" is a light-hearted point and click adventure game which will exercise both your grey matter and funny bone.  It's the first full adventure game to feature the Captain Disaster character - two more (commercial) games are in development, and hopefully many more to come in the future.

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MatiasDK 8 months ago
This is a pretty interesting game, when you start the game you notice that there's work put into this. The music is well done and the game uses low-resolution graphics, I am not sure if that is the final graphics or not, looks cool as it is though.

The game is placed on an unknown moon, you get teleported to the dark side of this moon through a stargate as a result of falling asleep next to the origin stargate (how stupid, right?). there appears to be life on the planet as there are berry bushes, vehicles and other things, which you can interact with to get different items, around the moon.

The game concept is great and the execution is well done so far as well.
However, stay away from ice as stepping on ice crashed the game for me ;)
But then again, all games have problems at first and I'm sure it'll all be sorted out.

I'll give you 4/5 :) Keep up the good work!
CaptainD Game's Developer
CaptainD 8 months ago
Hi Sejemus!

Thank you very much for your rating and feedback. Sorry the game crashed for you on the ice - you have no idea how much work (and re-work... and more rework) went into trying to make that part of the game work properly and be completely bug-free. We'll have a look at it yet again and see if we can isolate the problem. Did you get an error code come up or did the game just crash completely?

The graphics are final as it stands at the moment, I did the best I could but I'll freely admit that I'm no artist. :-D (On my other games, I have proper artists involved!)

Glad you enjoyed the game!
MatiasDK 8 months ago
Well, I just tried to reproduce the crash again, which I could not manage to do. So either I was just unlucky or it's a rare crash bug I found there.

Also, don't worry about the art I'm terrible at art myself, but still.. Someone gotta do it, right? :p
I know some people rate based on artwork, but I don't really understand why someone would put graphics over gameplay.
CaptainD Game's Developer
CaptainD 8 months ago
Well, it certainly should be rare considering all the testing and rejinking of code that went into it, I'm just annoyed that obviously there still is a glitch there somewhere!

Just don't avoid the ice COMPLETELY... you do need that ice cube in the middle. (Just in case you hadn't already got it! :D)
Wisheez 8 months ago
Heh, I like the hilarious profile you gave to this game, the lo-res graphics do the trick as well, but in my opinion there should be something to skip all the walking, it becomes a little tedious after a while.
CaptainD Game's Developer
CaptainD 8 months ago
Thanks Wisheez!

Yeah, the walking can be a bit of a pain. There are two things you can do to speed things up though:

1/ There is an object within the game that allows you to move much faster and also travel over the mountain without having to use the train. It's on the right-hand side of the game map. You need something from the toolbox in the camper van to open it. (If you need any more hints just let me know! :-D)

Also, in the options menu, you can set the GAME SPEED. This affects everything in the game but obviously the main effect it has is on your walking speed.

Hope this helps!
ffff 8 months ago
I really like the music, and the games kept me entertained for the little while I've played it so far.
CaptainD Game's Developer
CaptainD 8 months ago
Glad to hear it! :-D
Will you update your rating (for better or for worse!) when you've played it a bit more?

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