Black Shadow 3D

By SAW_GameDesign - Added On 9/30/2012

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This game was canceled by the developer, so the current version might be buggy or incomplete. You can Follow this game to be notified if there are any updates.

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This project was cancled for various reason, however I've decided to release the entire project and its brief reworking for anyone willing to play with it, expand it or whatever you like.

The original version contains two huge nearly complete stages, several monsters with a few with subtypes.  Notes, documents and even spreadsheets are provided in the complete download.

Black Shadow is an action adventure game, using EDuke32, or the Build Engine by Ken Silverman.  It features 3D sprite objects, like enemies, items and scenery decor.  Many decorative items are destroyable, like grass, trees, chairs, tables, pots, barrels and such.

Featuring scripts providing special features to EDuke32 like teleporting doors, death falls, and cool effects like the dirt explosion created by cannons, sprinkling water falls, a hud system, gold collection, and experience and leveling up.  Also added is the ability to dash, and use a shild to block enemy attacks.  Advance code provided by DeeperThought.

Although incomplete it offers a fun play through, and plenty of resources and tools to expand it further if you want.

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nathandemitridinorog 11 months ago


Kelsoo 1 year ago

I really hope to see one of your games go into full completion, though I love all these sort of testing games.

SAW_GameDesign Game's Developer
SAW_GameDesign 1 year ago

This project got to ambitious, I do hope to see OCD to completion, which I've released a demo of here.

DrZaminz 1 year ago

Im going to featrue your game on YOUTUBE! just go to my channel with in the next hour or so and you will see your game on my youtube channel!

DrZaminz 1 year ago

Nope Im not going to featrue ur game cuz...the game is broken!

SAW_GameDesign Game's Developer
SAW_GameDesign 1 year ago

I've added a new download that includes the missing file needed, it just has the game folder, run Blackshadow.bat to play. Hope it works now.


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Developer: SAW_GameDesign
Genre: Adventure
Status: Cancelled
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