Bad Dream: Cyclops

Bad Dream: Cyclops

By Desert Fox - Added On 3/5/2014

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Another game in the Bad Dream series. This supposed to be calm and little bit creepy.. But It's not..(calm) :D  Same rules as in the previous parts.

This version supports full screen mode! 

Hope you'll enjoy this part :)

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Nya 1 week ago
This game is awesome :D
DemiPut 1 month ago
I really love the Bad dream series! It's very unique and creative, good job!
Desert Fox Game's Developer
Desert Fox 1 month ago
Thank you! :)
Cwen 2 months ago
So is there only one ending?
Desert Fox Game's Developer
Desert Fox 2 months ago
:D Two different endings are only in Hospital :) Big Bad Dream game will have different i satisfying endings, but we must wait for this game. .. you must wait.. I must make it :D
ericksongamer_431 3 months ago
just a question, is this a game or a story so i can download it
milka37 3 months ago
very good ^^
UncorkingPanic 5 months ago
The ending is really good! So spooky.
Rezkeh 6 months ago
This episode maintains the high standard that the others set, while being very different thematically. The addition of a full-screen option was nice, too! Very well done.

Let's Play:
PhoenixNSCI 6 months ago
This game is creepy :v
minkaro 6 months ago
I played this game, and recorded the results:

(featuring me accidentally pressing escape thinking it might pause the game, and exiting to the main menu. I am master gamer).
Royal Games Productions
I was too scared to play the others, so I played this one as you recommended in one of your comments. So anyway, time for an in depth review. The first thing that obviously struck me was the art direction. To have such a brilliant yet simple art style is something that not many developers achieve, and something that I, personally, wish I could do. But you hit the nail on the head with this Bad Dream series. They all look great. Now for the actual point and clicking (AKA, the gameplay itself). Sometimes it was hard for me to see what was clickable, and at first I thought I would be frustrated because everything looked the same and there was nothing to draw my eye towards the clickable things. But then I realized... This immersed me more into the game, because instead of actively looking for things to click I instead focused on every single little detail of the environment. By the time I was done, it's like I had a mini-3D image of the city mapped out inside my head. I knew where I was, my orientation in relation to the previous room I visited, everything. And then there's the story itself. I love the creepy art style you use to depict death and despair, especially the seizure-indicuing aspects (*cough* the well *cough*). The shaking of the screen as something creepy happens and the sound effects really gave me chills right to the very core of my bones. I commend you for making me feel that way with a game that was basically drawn on a piece of paper. I won't spoil the ending for the readers, but let's just say I felt REALLY tiny and insignificant, almost to the point of being depressed as I felt helpless. I have always had a fear of... giants as a child, and this game hit right at home. Anyway, I wish I could play the rest of your games but they have jump scares as I have read in the comments. At least for now though. I will be rating this a 5/5. This is simply a literary masterpiece expressed in video-game format.
Desert Fox Game's Developer
Desert Fox 7 months ago
Thank you for this amazing review =) It's soo helpful for me :)

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