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Ascension is a psychological horror game in which you play as Atticus, a groundskeeper who has brought his sick daughter to work on the day of a horrible accident in his building.

Separated from his daughter, Atty must survive the hordes of monsters stalking him and make it back to her before something else reaches her first.


Pretty much all important information is in-game! We'd love to hear your thoughts, positive or negative, so don't hold back. Enjoy the game :)

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Posted By Chris Priestman 10/6/2013

The moral at the heart of Ascension is “make sure you don’t bring your kids to work when terrible things are about to happen.” Alternatively, it’s “don’t bring your kids to work.” Not that I have first-hand experience, but my knowledge bank informs that there’s one thing scarier than being haunted and chased by a supernatural, demonic force, and that’s seeing your kid being haunted and chased by a supernatural, demonic force. Ever watch The Poltergeist? That was all about protecting your kids from evil ghoooooosts!

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iverson_play 4 days ago
man has a bug that does not capture my saves means that the game does not load game I already downloaded the game 5 times in succession try fix it to and something else much enjoyed your game a Great survival horror
pnghasemi 1 week ago
a good graphic and game play. :O pixel arts are cool.
i saw your game in showcase of yo yo games.
good luck. :D
very cool!!
3rd comment: I'm having some problems while playing this game.At one place where I've to put Viola down then shoot bullets to the undead,I can't play this game anymore.It's showing some error message.I tried to ignore it but I couldn't.
"Viola has been killed" is that the ending?'Cause after that my game is not working anymore.
Sorry there is another ending.
Is that a scary game?I wanna know 'cause I can't play very much creepy scary game for some problems.
Love this game.
BleachIchimaru04 2 months ago
Hey, awesome game. Really like it so far even though I've gotten lost quite a few times!

I'm doing a video series on the game so far with Facecam + commentary, would be awesome if you could check it out. Keep making awesome games. Cheers! :)

Part 1:
leonsver1 3 months ago
hi,your game is really good im making a lets play of it at:
right now im at the start but hoping to finish it :)
leonsver1 3 months ago
and again great game :)
drisicus 3 months ago
The game is great but I had some problems playing it.

I found 2 areas where I get stuck because of bugs.

1st bug

In the early game, in the room with the big Hand (the first time you see the grass and go to your memories).

The problem was that I couldnt get the access key to progress in the game.

Solution: start new game.

2nd bug.

The area is the one that follows when you found the daughter and she gets trapped by some rocks.

The bug apears when you neet to hide from the monster and then open a door, which sends you to the memories once again. The problem is that the game told us to find some key to open that door, and obviusly there is not key.

Open the savegame.ini file in the game directory and change the values of healthkits to have a lots of their. Then load the game and when the monster is following you and you cant progress start giving you the healthkits and try to open the door, it will be open after you hide from the monster.

I hope you fix it.

Thanks for the game :)
JamBukkit 4 months ago
I made a RRRussian let's play, так что, если вам вдруг стало интересно, друзья:
I really liked the game, but unfortunately it bugged or something. (I had to replay some stuff cos I died). Still votin' 5/5 :)

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Developer: Magnesium Ninja
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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