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Ascension is a psychological horror game in which you play as Atticus, a groundskeeper who has brought his sick daughter to work on the day of a horrible accident in his building.

Separated from his daughter, Atty must survive the hordes of monsters stalking him and make it back to her before something else reaches her first.


Pretty much all important information is in-game! We'd love to hear your thoughts, positive or negative, so don't hold back. Enjoy the game :)

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Posted By Chris Priestman 10/6/2013

The moral at the heart of Ascension is “make sure you don’t bring your kids to work when terrible things are about to happen.” Alternatively, it’s “don’t bring your kids to work.” Not that I have first-hand experience, but my knowledge bank informs that there’s one thing scarier than being haunted and chased by a supernatural, demonic force, and that’s seeing your kid being haunted and chased by a supernatural, demonic force. Ever watch The Poltergeist? That was all about protecting your kids from evil ghoooooosts!

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Schlotzer 14 hours ago
This Game is great and i would really like to make a Let's Play about this game but i have one big problem:

the Text goes way too fast... i can't read it while playing and i didn't find any option to slow down the text... could you do something about it? Update and offer a option to slow conversation text down? conversation only continues on click? that would be awesome.
TydogGaming 6 days ago
how scary is this game 1-10 cause i kinda get scared of jump scares and stuff.
brunovig 1 week ago
good game
Epistemoligus 1 week ago
There are some bugs that makes it hard to get further into the game. When I got the axe equipped, I cannot save the game anymore, since I cannot use the mirrors. Also, when I loaded back to last savepoint, the keys to the Breaker room has dissappeared and I cannot get the lock open. Can anyone help me, or at least provide with a control scheme? Thanks
BlitzWithGuns 1 week ago
This really has to be the most brilliant and innovative indie horror game out there. A great story, awesome jumpscares and perfect environment! The music really helps you to get immersed into the game and having save points really help too.

The only tiny flaw is the lack of a instruction menu. When my health was no, I didn't manage to catch the way to use a medkit, so I ended up dying many of times. If there's an update that helps with this, the game will be perfect! 9.5/10 stars :D

Great job!
Zacwolf 2 weeks ago
Can't wait to play it :D
moodylilbear 4 weeks ago
Great work on this game! I really enjoyed the concept and was fully immersed into the story. Ascension caused me to jump at some points and made me feel nervous and anxious to walk into the next room. The style was original and enjoyable also.

Despite this, there were a few flaws. For one, I find that the axe is useful but it would be much better if the player could kill the monster instead of stunning them. This mechanic can be useful however, so I cannot complain.
I also ran into problems with simple actions such as using my flashlight. At times, it would not follow my mouse. I would have to close out of the game to fix this, causing the immersion to kind of dissipate.
Finally, in the breaker room after finding Viola and flipping the switch, I was often confronted with a box listing numerous errors. I would then have to abort the game. Because of this, I could not get past that area, which saddens me.
I really enjoy this game a lot and will probably give it another go, hopefully to completion. Ascension has a lot of potential. Great job c:
WolfWraith 1 month ago
I tried the game out and made a short preview/Let's play here:

I have to say I was surprised by the atmosphere that was pulled off despite being a 2d side scroller. Only problem is, many other aspects let the game down.
Story concept seemed great but the dialog disappeared from the screen so fast I was unable to read it. If you’re going to go down the readable dialog route you need to give players full control over being able to skip the dialog or not. I had situations where I couldn’t read the dialog and then situations where I couldn’t skip the dialog, which I wanted to do since I couldn’t read it anyways.
The combat was fairly odd, I would have preferred if there was no axe as it kind of gives the impression that I’d be able to kill the enemies which you can’t.
I also encountered a bug which you can see in the video; where I came out from a door and when I went to sprint from the monster my character just stood there and had a delayed reaction. Otherwise the game was decent. It has potential to be much better if you can fix those dialog issues.
VicTheDonut 1 month ago
I was having much fun with this game. Really coll idea, to make horror game on 2D. But I unfortunately couldn't finish it because of some kind of glitch. Doors won't open...

But here is my montage/gameplay of Ascension:
freak789 1 month ago
I don't like horror games but i liked the graphics nice work
freak789 1 month ago
and gameplay
freak789 1 month ago
and music XD

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