A Tale of Two Kingdoms

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

By Crystal Shard - Added On 1/10/2009

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A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an epic faerie tale, in the classic style of the famous Sierra and LucasArts graphical adventure games. It is a full-length game with an atmosphere of magic and intrigue.
Featuring five different endings; several sidequests and alternative solutions; teamwork with non-player characters; 75 minutes of high quality music; and director's commentary.

The ancient kingdom of Theylinn is beset by enemies both from within and without. Within the castle walls, nobles vie for the old King's favor, and not everybody is happy with the sole heir to the throne, princess Rhiannon.

Meanwhile, danger approaches, in the form of an invading army, a hostile giant, and a mercenary troop who are ancient enemies of the Theylann king.
And there is mystery yet. For hidden within the borders of Theylinn lies a second kingdom, named Thierna na Oge, where the faeries reign. Little is known about this shrouded, exotic realm.

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Jupiter Hadley
Jupiter Hadley 10 months ago

A made a little LP of this game :) http://youtu.be/3orXEpt3-Fk

CaptainD 2 years ago

Played it a while ago, but a truly excellent game. Probably my favourite of all Sierra-style games except maybe the KQ2+ remake.

RjB Software
RjB Software 5 years ago

Still one of the most beautiful freeware games ever made. If you don't fall in love with it, you probably don't have a soul.

Andrew Gray
Andrew Gray 5 years ago

I love the pre-drawn graphics, they're especially stylish and nice!

Caniac 5 years ago

The screenshots look very nicely polished, I hope the game is this good! begins download


Game Info

Developer: Crystal Shard
Genre: Adventure
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Adventure Game Studio


Mild Fantasy Violence

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