Mayan Mystery Tightens Up!

By ScaryPotato on 3/7/2012

Okay, so I've had some good feedback with things that could be tweaked and improved upon with the game. Not everything is done, but a good deal of it is.

The biggest issue was the controls/getting stuck against walls. That shouldn't happen anymore! While I was at it, I made a change to the layout of level 1, and changed the graphics around on a few things here and there.

Once things get a ltitle further along, I'll be making some new gameplay videos (probably 1 for each level) so you can see each one. Hm, that reminds me, there are some codes for you to go and try out each level if you're curious to see if you can handle them. They do get tough!

If you have any problems with the game or get stuck somewhere, or think it plain sucks, let me know. It'll help make the game better in the end :)

Psst! These are the cheat codes, but don't tell anyone, they're secret!

Before starting a New Game, try one of these out:




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