Zero Button Zombie Breakdown

By jfroco - Added On 8/29/2010

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This is my entry for the Experimental Gameplay Project Zero Button contest.

It’s not finished yet.. only two chapters.

Zero Button Zombie Breakdown (WIP)

Yes, it’s a Zombie game :(
“You work at a Cosmetic lab, you were sleeping at the bathroom until a scream wakes you up”.

Control your hero using the mouse cursor. Avoid everything that looks dangerous, Collect keys to open doors.

Chapter one made in 8 hours. I used some code from previous projects, hope this is OK.

Chapter two was made in 6 hours.

I’m planning to release chapter 2 and 3 on a couple of days.

More information here:

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Samuel Garcia(gmx0)
Cosmetics lab, lol.

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Developer: jfroco
Genre: Action
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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