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By FanFan - Added On 4/20/2009

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Voidgale : Arena is a blend of Fast-paced shooter, tower defense, strategy, and some RPG elements. Player must repel hundreds of enemies from colliding to their ‘NESTS’ and fortify their defense by settling sentries, upgrading reaver (and sentries), repairing NESTS, and else.

Player will not defend the NESTS alone. Your operator Luina will help you by giving battle informations and controlling all of your sentries.

The game's included by a Stat/Achievement system. Player starts with “Beginning Invaluable Reaver Pilot” rank , and will seek for the longest rank available in this game. All of the player’s stats (like #of play, #of clear, Enemies killed, highest streak) automatically progressing as player play this game.

There are 2 versions of this game, the online/browser one and the offline release. The offline release has decreased difficulty, 2 camera modes, and lowered prices in sentry and weapons, but no online leaderboard.

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Future Bots inc.
Future Bots inc. 5 years ago
I liked the graphics, it was a nice smooth game and planned nicely, but the game just gets kinda old after a while, good job though,4/5
Trevor Gerhardt
Trevor Gerhardt 5 years ago
This game would be a nice platform to build from.
Lugg 6 years ago
very nice but it gets a bit boring after 15 minuits

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Developer: FanFan
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Status: Complete


Mild Fantasy Violence

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