The Strongest Survive

By Ziad Khalid - Added On 8/9/2012

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 While you are having a nice trip in the outer space ..... strange space ships came and tried to kill you .... your mission is to kill as much enemies as you can

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omrpps 2 years ago
I like, I like a vice, but if you agree to add more power-ups, thanks for the game
Casey Venn
Casey Venn 2 years ago
Everyone else has covered gameplay, so there's not much else to say on that part. My biggest complaint was the A.I. system needs a little work. The enemies just come onto the screen and shoot at the player. Now, I know that's what they're supposed to do, but they feel so stiff when they're doing it. Maybe you should try putting in different types of "personality" into the enemies. Make each one feel more unique, more alive. I really like what you have here, it's a great start. Can't wait for more.
edwardE 2 years ago
Was pretty nice for what it is; does get fairly repetitive. Might want to follow some of the gimmicks by similar games, having megabombs or some other weapon type. Maybe some obstacles like asteroids that the player can use in his defense (but could also kill him).
Dreamertheat 2 years ago
More weapons/power ups, enemy variations, obstacles and stage atmosphere and its perfect. :D
MikeJimmy 2 years ago
an average space shooter, looking very good. enjoyed it, but got really repetitive after a while, even with the constant new coming of bigger and other spaceships, but nothing special.

overall, worth a 3.5/5 in my opinion, will round it up :)
Ziad Khalid Game's Developer
Ziad Khalid 2 years ago
Thanks a lot for your feedback .... i really appreciate it ..... i'll add some more action into the game ... and hope you will like it .... thanks again.

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Developer: Ziad Khalid
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
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