The Lord of the Smash

By Dan Fornace - Added On 12/26/2009

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The Lord of the Smash Beta V3

What is Lord of the Smash?

Lord of the Smash is a PC game based off two entirely different worlds. Lord of the Rings and Super Smash Brothers. It is made in the program Game Maker as a solo project with graphics based off a DragonballZ gameboy game. The Website is coming soon that will tell you all the characters and their special abilities.

What is the Beta?

The Beta is testing for Balance, Gameplay, and Bugs. It is also for getting ideas. The Beta has all the characters (including the 6 unlockables) so if you like surprises then please wait to play the full version in a month or so. The Beta right now is missing Single Player where you fight against Evil Enemies from the Lord of the Rings Series. The Beta will be updated over the next few weeks with whatever I do, including CPU difficulty, many more stages, and more.

How do i play?

Well there are 4 availabe slots where all of them can be CPUs so its fun just to fight as yourself. But the game really shines with friends. If you have a USB controller go dig it out of your basement or closet and plug it in because with the Joy2Key application that comes in the Zip file you can have 4 people playing at once (with two controllers.) I even including a controller scheme so you can jump right in. Plug in the controller first, then load up JoyToKey.

Player 1
Move: Arrow Keys
Attack: Control
Shoot: Shift

Player 2
Move: WASD
Attack: F
Shoot: R

Player 3 (Use JoytoKey)
Move: Y(Up) G(LEft)H(Right) B(Down)
Attack: U
Shoot: T

Player 4 (Use JoytoKey)
Move: I(Up) J(LEft)K(Right) M(Down)
Attack: L
Shoot: O

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h3ckboy 5 years ago

looking goo, that was pretty fun!

2 things:

1.using shift is a bad idea because of sticky keys. 2.WASD wont work for everyone because some people will have azerty...

h3ckboy 5 years ago

hmm, since I am not allowed to edit my comment :P I wil have to add on here

3.It would be nice if there was a random option in the player select thing, cause I dont want to bother with what the CPU is...

GarlicGuy 5 years ago

not bad! its got some potential. just try to add more action and depth to the game.

Dan Fornace Game's Developer
Dan Fornace 5 years ago

Hey thanks!

To add more depth to the game I am currently working on adding adding two new special attacks for each character using UP+Shoot and Down+Shoot so the next demo should have much more unique and crazy gameplay. However it will take a while so it will be a bit before Beta v4 but expect some new stages and awesome specials. I will come back with updates here as I progress!


Game Info

Developer: Dan Fornace
Genre: Action
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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