The Black Heart

The Black Heart

By Andrés Borghi - Added On 5/20/2013

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The Black Heart is an 1vs1 fighting game in the tradition of Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, only more gothic and tragic.

It's about another world in a parallel dimension where the king and ruler has been murdered. A vicious creature called Final has ripped his heart where he stored all the power he used to create that world. 

Six creatures, both from our world and the other one, chase this monster to steal the heart for their own purposes, since it's told that the bearer of the heart will weild an enormous power.

The game was all made by 1 person (Andrés Borghi) through 7 years of hard work. This includes graphics, programming, story, music, sound and pretty much everything.

If you enjoy pixelated blood, fluid gameplay in Capcom style, combos, tragic and epic music, weird pictoric landscapes and complex storytelling this is the game for you!

Featured in the book "250 indie games you must play" by writer Mike Rose from

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Posted By Chris Priestman 5/23/2013

Having recently been featured over on GameJolt, The Black Heart has seen a little renaissance as players who had never heard of it before have discovered what a great 2D fighting indie game it is. The Black Heart was originally released back in 2009 after developer Andrés Borgh had put seven years of work into it. And does it ever show!

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dylanratledge9 6 hours ago
i need help finding the code for final I beat the game on team on hard on team hard and I watched every cutscence just to be sure plz help
Andrés Borghi Game's Developer
Andrés Borghi 2 hours ago
play in story mode, not team.
JackonPC 1 day ago
Hey checkout my gameplay video of the horror game The Chase!
luminnem 2 days ago
Spanish translation is PERFECT though I couldn't play because controls didn't work, I re-configured them all but it didn't work :(
Andrés Borghi Game's Developer
Andrés Borghi 1 day ago
Thanks! spanish is my first language so actually the english part is the translation. check the control configuration again, and be careful since there is a keyboard configuration and a joystick configuration. they're not the same. maybe it was that.
ursinho9191 2 days ago
I simply adore this game! Everything that makes a good fighting game - nice story, cool characters, good music and so many gore and blood - it's all here.
ExpLoZiiOnz 3 days ago
coll game
dylanratledge9 4 days ago
I cant download it please help every time I open the zip file it says its invalid help
dylanratledge9 3 days ago
NVM I used WinRAR and it worked AMAZING!!! Game I love things like this dark creepy and just fun
ShockingMethod 4 days ago
That shit is scary
Chinjah 1 week ago
Really love this game. I bet if you put this on Steam it would become really popular, and you could make a lot of money. I guess it's not always about the money though. Anyways, this game feels very polished and well-made. I hope you'll be adding more content in the future, because even with only six characters this game is really enjoyable!
slivE 1 week ago
This game is really incredible. It reminds me ETERNAL CHAMPIONS or SNK prods. It would be great if we could choose more fighters but i guess it takes a long to create them. Everything in that game is great! Characters, backgrounds, HUDs... I'm really appreciative!!!
Andrés Borghi Game's Developer
Andrés Borghi 1 week ago
thanks! :D
TheUnNameNinja 1 week ago
This game is great, i just wish they would update by adding more characters, and more of a story line for the characters to, but besides that i think its a really great game fun to play easy to learn, it has the mortal kombat feel to it and that's one of the other things i liked about this game, and i think the soundtrack is great, its a great game that i think a lot of people well love and like plus its free and you wont lose anything from download this game. Also i think people should at least give it a try! :) 10/10
Andrés Borghi Game's Developer
Andrés Borghi 1 week ago
thanks a lot! :D

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Developer: Andrés Borghi
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
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Intense Cartoon Violence
Intense Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Brief Nudity

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