Space Madness

By Creative Spark Studios - Added On 7/16/2010

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Space Madness is a cool, retro-style Cave Flyer game set on a huge mining facility on a faraway planet.
An experienced space fighter pilot, you've reached the station in response to a distress call and must investigate. Travel through the Docking Area, Inner Quarters, Mine Shaft, and Deep Regions of the facility, surviving your encounters with malfunctioning gates and defense turrets, giant rotating knives, cargo pulse fields and tons of other obstacles and physics-based puzzle elements. Some levels contain shields and weapon upgrades.

Instructions: Reach the next platform on each level as fast as possible!

Controls: Arrow Keys or WASD
Arrow Up = Thrust
Arrows Left/Right = Rotate the spaceship
Spacebar = Shoot
P = Pause

Disclaimer: If you've never played Cave Flyer games before, it will take some time to learn the controls, especially when you're playing in Hard Mode. One thing to remember is not to speed up too much, because it makes it hard to avoid collisions. The main reason I choose to make a Cave Flyer is the incredible feeling one achieves when finally mastering these controls. You'll never want to fly differently after that. In the meantime - prepare to explode a billion times >:D

Performance: While I have tried to optimize, this game requires a fast computer for optimal performance. If you experience lag or feel the levels are extremely long, please try playing from a faster computer. Ideally, Space Madness should run like a dream. You can also set the game Quality to LOW (from the Right-click menu) to make it run faster.

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mr_meu 4 years ago

Great game! The tiny graphics do make you feel like you're in a huge space mine!


Game Info

Developer: Creative Spark Studios
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Flash
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