Sky Pigs

By lilzelku - Added On 5/26/2011

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Multiplayer helicopter with revenge attacks! Face off against other real people in Sky Pigs, where you use your jetpack to go up and down avoiding obstacles, and trying not to crash. When you die.. its not over yet.. you get to use a slot machine to use revenge powers… there’s even a chance you can come back to life… as a Ham?!? Have fun! Invite friends to play with you by sending them the “Invite Link” from the game lobby. 


Click and hold to go up, let go to float down. Avoid the ceiling, floor, and blocks the longest to win. Alternate controls: Space Bar, Up Arrow, W

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Richie Fahy
Richie Fahy 1 year ago
Simple and nice multiplayer I liked it :)

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Developer: lilzelku
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
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Mild Cartoon Violence
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