Sitting Simulator 2014

By Jack Lang - Added On 12/23/2013

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Sitting Simulator is a great simulation of sitting down!

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wumbo 3 months ago
There you go, a detailed review and tutorial for Sitting Simulator. Made with much efford
Andrei Darie
Andrei Darie 4 months ago
Jack, could you please give me the song that plays in the game ? Oh, and can I use it ? (I will not use it in one of my games).

Sorry for my bad english.
bereniceportezi 5 months ago
como entra
Sam .I.N.C.
Sam .I.N.C. 5 months ago

finnlacey3 9 months ago
do ever wonder why you played a game......then you relise you could be playing outside.......and then you rember you have no friends well game thank for the heads up
MagicalMonkey 8 months ago
Holy crap. You need a hug.
romualdzardzin 10 months ago
I played many simulators but this takes the Cake! :D Thanks, Jack!

P.S I made a Let's Play of it :

Thanks, again! Live long and prosper!
este jogo nao faz sentido nenhum !
fr0g3n_001 10 months ago
game of the year, screw you last of us
ShadowAardvark 11 months ago
Best game NA 10/10
almightyzentaco 11 months ago
No offense to the creator, but games like this getting a 5 is kind of a smack in the face to people who worked really hard on their games. I get it's a joke, and maybe I'm just a curmudgeon, but I don't think it's right to the other content creators in this category who are getting buried just a little bit further because of games like this.
Jack Lang Game's Developer
Jack Lang 11 months ago
True, and my apologies for that. But I am in development of something presentable :)
MagicalMonkey 11 months ago
If I might be honest almightyzentaco there are some reasons that this game gets 5 stars and lets say one of your games only gets 4. Now before I continue, I just want you to know that this is merely one mans opinion.

So for starters this game is simple and original. Unlike one of your platformers most people have never played anything of the sort. Secondly you don't need to invest hardly any time into this game. It is just a quick bit of fun. This means that more people are willing to play this game, because they know what to expect before going in. Another thing is that it doesn't require hardly any effort. It's just easy and it makes people smile. People are more likely to leave a good rating if they finish a game with a smile on their face. Lastly, there are no boring parts or dis-interesting parts because you decide when then fun is over.

Yeah it is a bare bones game, but it is one that brings a whole lot of joy to people. So if you think that games like yours should be more visible at the cost of someone else's laughter, then that makes you selfish. Very few games these days bring the kinda laughs and smiles that this game does. Either the game is too serious, or it fails at achieving what this game has. Not saying that serious games can't be fun. No body wants just another platformer, or shooter. They want an experience. You said the game was a joke and this is true, but it also creates jokes. Something I do not see enough of in life.

Yeah this is the simplest game I have ever played. It probably took Jack a very short amount of time to make. It doesn't have a story line, or anything that you would expect from a game. But! That's what I love about it. It is so simple, yet it can create an experience unlike any other. Even if that experience only lasts a few short minutes.

So was that comment more complicated then the game itself? Maybe. Though for some reason explaining something seeming simple about the human experience has always been a task for even some of the greatest philosophers.

With love,

P.S. I must thank you for challenging the integrity of this game. Without that comment I would have never taken the time to explore why this game is so popular and how that reflects the ever so complicated human mind.
almightyzentaco 11 months ago
To Jack, you don't owe anyone an apology. You didn't do anything wrong. You made content, and people rated how they wanted to. I hope you continue to make games in the future and they continue to be rated highly.

My protest was simply that the game seems to be a gag, which is fine, but people seem to be rating it a 5 as part of the running gag, which I feel hurts the integrity of the rating system a bit.

I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers. That wasn't my intent.
DKPminus 11 months ago
Good music, but let's be honest...this isn't a game. And while rating it a 5 might be funny, it does take away from the whole point of a rating system. Maybe there should be a multiple category rating system, like humor or originality.

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Developer: Jack Lang
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Unity


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