Shuttle Fisticuffs

By Andy Wolff - Added On 5/31/2009

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You are an astronaut with a number of long-distance, remotely controlled, experimental ships that have been fitted with a prototype of a new precision kinetic manipulation technology, informally dubbed the Cosmic Fisticuffs. You have been tasked with exploring deeply into the Kuiper Belt with these ships. 

* WASD for movement

* Left and Right click to punch the asteroids

Live as long as you can with each probe.

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CROS 5 years ago
I really like the graphical style a lot. Very nice.
Andy Wolff Game's Developer
Andy Wolff 5 years ago
Tom Russell, thanks for the clarifications and elaboration there. I apologize for my confusion and such.
Tom Russell
Tom Russell 5 years ago
*any game designer who is willing to take chances on something original and daring merits at least a "3" in my book.
Tom Russell
Tom Russell 5 years ago
Actually, no; I rated it as a "3".

I like the concept itself-- I actually like the concept quite a bit. I wasn't very good at it-- mouse-keyboard hybrids are always a little tricky, though I must admit I can't see any other way to really deliver on your game's high concept except such a hybrid-- and I wish I was able to push the asteroids a little further away with each punch. They just seemed to clump together and there was no way for me to really avoid them; I couldn't last more than ten or twenty seconds.

That could just be my low playing ability, I dunno. Maybe it should have been a 4.

Rest assured, though, that it's definitely no "1"-- any game designer w
Kanosis 5 years ago
A really original game, great concept.
I also love the retro style graphics.

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Developer: Andy Wolff
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Mild Realistic Violence

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