By Paul Legovitch - Added On 6/20/2009

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A vertical scrolling shooter look-alike.

First place winner of the June 2009 GameJolt "Shocking" competition :)

Find your way through the maze : bumping into walls gives you speed and shocking power.

Shooting at ennemies makes them grow bigger in size (and points).

To kill them, you have to shock'em up.

Collect stars and find the 5 ships hidden in each level, (F1 for statistics).

Use a Gamepad or the keyboard.


* Arrow keys : move

* X : shoot.

* C : stop

The 4 first levels are unlocked, so you can clear them separately to access the next ones.

Graphically, the game is in 2.5D and uses strictly 2 colors (transparency is obtained by flickering). Press F3 to change the colors.

Left click to drag the window, right click to select the display.

Made in one week for the June 2009 GameJolt "Shocking" competition.

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Paul Legovitch Game's Developer
Paul Legovitch 5 years ago
Thanks for your comment !
Yes, I made the music with modplug tracker, the first day of the competition.
I'm glad you liked it !
Gammabeam 5 years ago
I liked it! Took me some time to get confortable with the controls, but so far it's been a nice experience to get used to it! Awesome music too! Did you make it yourself?

Game Info

Developer: Paul Legovitch
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


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