SCP - The Escape

SCP - The Escape

By PhuckYuToo - Added On 3/3/2013

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CAUTION: probably one of the buggiest games out there, working on making it better every update, just so you know.

My first game, coded in Java. 

Based on the SCP Foundation which can be found here.

Thanks to: Ulixava, RyanVanZeben, TheChernoProject, FoxK307, Rumikarimu, Ca$h, Ajoura, VenomJack, MrCompost and DarkKnight.


Ever wanted SCP games to be 2D? Well here you are! I haven't seen any other SCP-based games 

that are 2D, and that also allow you to PLAY as some of the SCPs!


This game has multiple gamemodes. Right now there only is the Class-D mode, MTF-Survival Horde mode and SCP-058 mode.

In Class-D mode you play as a defenseless lil' Class-D guy where you need to survive each obstacle in your path. You may encounter any SCPs... This gamemode doesn't have an ending yet, but I'm planning on making one, and keep in mind, THIS GAME IS STILL IN ALPHA. It has a lot of bugs.

The story on other gamemodes, you can find out yourself :D 


Speaking of bugs, here are the ones I already know about:

- You may pass through tiles sometimes.

- The deathscreens are buggy.

- Jumping in SCP-058 mode may turn you sideways for some reason, simply re-jump to fix it.

- The game may occasionally crash for no reason. (Something related with the new sound system I think) 

- The sound system isn't perfect, so it may glitch once in a while.


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KillerCole 2 months ago
good game
Jadefeather 2 months ago
Really good game
SonChace 2 months ago
It's a pretty good game i gotta say,but maybe you could explain the controls.
imscared121 3 months ago
Does anyone know the console commands, I want to have fun with them.
LOL-Studios 3 months ago
How do I change the sounds of the game in .jar?? I tried to change the sounds but... the sounds don't ring...

Please I need help :S
PhuckYuToo Game's Developer
PhuckYuToo 3 months ago
Are you sure you named the audio files the same as the original, and put them at the exact same place within the jar? and they need to be .ogg files I believe.
PhuckYuToo Game's Developer
PhuckYuToo 3 months ago
they need to be .wav's I think, not .ogg's, my bad.
LOL-Studios 3 months ago
I tried in .wav and delete the .ogg's but, don't work and the game crash...
Youkio 4 months ago
on mac plzzzz :,(
PhuckYuToo Game's Developer
PhuckYuToo 4 months ago
It does work on mac, though so far my limited knowledge about the platform goes, I don't know if it only works on some. I suggest updating java runtime environment. If it still doesn't work, I'll see what's wrong with it after the next update's finally done, since I got a macbook. Just sit tight and have patience :D
PhuckYuToo Game's Developer
PhuckYuToo 4 months ago
Guys, the new update is still being worked on. I can confirm that we are working on some sort of lighting system. It may not work out, and it may. Everybody who's supporting the game so far is doing a great job! Please sit tight and have patience, once this update's through I hope the game works much more smoothly, and has a better ambience. We will also rethink some of the game's elements. Like the music that some people don't like.

Stay tuned, and thanks for the support!
ToxicTeady 4 months ago
Looks great, cant wait to try it!
nojembre 6 months ago
This game has potential but it's extremely hard. I love the SCP Foundation so this game was a must play. If you re-balance the game, it could become pretty good! I made a Let's Play and discovered a glitch while playing as SCP-058. May wanna take a look and possibly fix it.
PhuckYuToo Game's Developer
PhuckYuToo 6 months ago
Thanks for making a let's play!
Like I said, I am working on recoding the entire game, though currently I do have some other stuff to worry about, including some other projects. And I'm also studying 3D game engine development, so this project will kinda be paused a bit, though I will get back to it eventually.
nojembre 6 months ago
Well thank you for watching! I'm glad you're actually a dev that cares about feedback. Looking forward to the finished project!
Shock Paw Software
Shock Paw Software 6 months ago
I like the idea and how it looks, but I can't seem to find a way around all the harmful SCPs. Sometimes I also get stuck and cannot progress. Waiting for some improvements.

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Developer: PhuckYuToo
Genre: Action
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Java
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