Savage: The Shard of Gosen(alpha)

Savage: The Shard of Gosen(alpha)

By toborprime - Added On 7/27/2013

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Third public alpha build PA03 is out! - 1/26/2014



First off, I switched development platforms (Game Maker 8.1 to Game Maker: Studio, which is an altogether different beast) so the game runs on a new architecture, which is what I'll be using for the rest of development.

  • Screen scaling is handled differently now (SHOULD be more pixel-perfect with less instances of
  • UI tweaks and bug fixes
  • Inventory context menu has additional functionality, though 'sort' does not work yet, and 'drop' does not work in weapons/armor item lists
  • MOAR text popups!
  • Quest system dropped in and working 
  • Additional story element and Quest added for the only boss in the game so far
  • Fetish and Favor additional functionality
  • More Font and UI polishing
  • Easter Egg location to help celebrate streamer Indie (Dan) celebrate his partnership, featuring a sneak-peek at a new Indie (Dan) themed Boss
  • Squished lots of bugs (and probably created many new ones as a result)


=====================DEFAULT CONTROLS=====================




Arrow Keys: Move about

'A':        Attack (back or cancel in menus), Speed walk on overworld map, hold UP + 'A' to use/throw whatever you have equipped in a sub-slot            

SPACE:      Jump (confirm in menus)

ENTER:      Bring up inventory (or PAUSE the game in classic pause mode (OVERWORLD MAP will not draw             correctly with this))

'S':        Cycle through sub-equipment slots

ESCAPE:     Will exit the game to the desktop

Alt+Enter:  Switch between windowed and fullscreen modes 

The game has native gamepad support, so feel free to plug in a 360 controller, or any other USB gamepad. Pads tested so far include a variety of 360 pads (Microsoft and 3rd party), retro USB NES controllers (though I haven't used one I liked at ALL), an ancient Gravis Gamepad Pro, and PS3 Six Axis controller. 

All of the keyboard controls and gamepad controls can be customized in the Options > Setup Controls menu. 

Savage is equal parts inspired by the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard, my fascination with Zelda II (yes, yes, I know - the black sheep of the Zelda family), other games of its ilk (like Gargoyle's Quest) and a healthy dose of general barbarian fetishism.

The final product will (hopefully) include a varied, somewhat open world to explore, an interesting little tale filled with machismo, magic and muscles, day/night cycle, overworld hunting/tracking, lots of action/platforming, fun melee system and some mild RPG elements (item use, leveling up, gear, crafting and the like).

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Indie Statik

Indie Statik Impression

Posted By Chris Priestman 10/15/2013

The clue is in the title, I suppose. “Savage” it reads, but I interpreted that as only referring to the character I was playing as; an escaped convict pissed off at his captors trampling over his native soil and killing his people. Damn straight you’d be savage in such a situation.

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Carnivac 3 weeks ago
Keep up the good work!
toborprime Game's Developer
toborprime 1 week ago
Thanks Carnivac! Awesome to see you on here! :)
FreedNorris 1 month ago
Gorgeous, amazing retro feeling.
$amim Noorzai TGC ★4
Dead Electron
Dead Electron 2 months ago
Very good game. It still needs some improvements...
gameslayer 3 months ago
Linux Version please
toborprime Game's Developer
toborprime 3 months ago
I would very much like to port to Linux once the game is done.
gameslayer 3 months ago
tawanda_the_ninja 4 months ago
Yeah this game is gonna be even better once its been patched up.Try making a ninja game next if you can Toborprime.But otherwise awesome game
toborprime Game's Developer
toborprime 4 months ago
I would love to do a ninja game XD. I have definitely always had the itch to make one.

Thanks for playing!
Mauksta 4 months ago
Nothing else to say but awesome :) Can't wait to see when its ready. Could not figure out how to save though </3
toborprime Game's Developer
toborprime 4 months ago
Thanks, Mauksta! There is no saving feature in the alpha just yet - the content within the alpha probably only fills about 45 minutes of game time.

Sorry about that - but big thanks for checking out the alpha!
CichaWoda 5 months ago
well... the game is awesome, but for some reason i am getting FATAL ERROR everytime i die or unpause the game which makes it kinda unplayable :(
Here's the error:
toborprime Game's Developer
toborprime 5 months ago
I'm sorry you ran into that! I just recreated the bug - I'm assuming you're playing with the "classic" HUD, toggled in the game options? That was the only way I could get that error to throw.

Thanks so much for taking the time to copy down the error and alert me to it! I'm getting on fixing it, and thanks for giving the alpha a play!
xekratos 5 months ago
if i were to say some constructive criticism, i would say to make a screen that says, "are you sure you want to quit? Y N." when you hit ESC.
toborprime Game's Developer
toborprime 5 months ago
Thanks Xekratos - you're very right - that's something I've been meaning to do for quite a while, but haven't gotten around to it while the game is still in early development - makes it easier for me to do a quick exit while testing.

For future builds I'll remove the hard quit with the escape button - thanks!
xekratos 5 months ago
This game is VERY fun, the full game will be even better i presume.

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