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By Casey Venn - Added On 1/14/2013

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WARNING: This is a horror / survival game. Epileptics, as well as those who are sensitive to light play at their own discretion. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also use caution.

This game is still in early alpha mode, so it only has a very small fraction of the elements that I want to include. Achievements aren't programmed in yet, but the cool thing about them is that they'll also unlock concept art. So by viewing the achievements you've earned, you'll also be getting a glimpse at some extra material. That won't be for a few more builds, give or take, but it's a cool idea.

It's horror / survival, but there is a story. You have to dig into the game, however, to piece it together. You might also have to uncover a lot of the hidden / secret material. Since it's still the first alpha, there are only a few secrets available to find. Unfortunately you can't earn achievements yet, so you might not even realize you've found them.

I should mention, this is my very first game. So, feedback is very much welcomed. I had to teach myself how to program in about 3-4 days, so anything that can help the development is appreciated.

Beta v.0.5 Notes:

-I've removed the tagging system. It was an interesting concept, but it didn't work well in execution. R.I.P. tagging system. I'm pretty sure no one will miss you, old buddy.

-Radios. There are radios now. That happened.

-Story. The game now has bits and pieces of the story.

-Endings. Better Endings. The old game featured one ending. You find all the items, you see this silly drawing... Game Over. Boring. The new version of BLAME features multiple endings.

-Easter Eggs. They're in there. More to come.

-My gratitude. I extend it to everyone who plays the game, whether you love it or hate it, thank you for giving it a shot.


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phenommachine 2 weeks ago
I played the game thought it was good, if you wanna see nudes here you go;
FellowPlayer 1 month ago
I finished your game, it was an interesting play, you can find the gameplay footage here, well done on being my 1st horror video past my 100th.

Youtube: FellowPlayer
Noannihilator 1 month ago
I enjoyed it, it had a wonderful ambiance to it and you did a really good job of creating that sort of "creepy" feel to it. Loved the sounds and music in it as well, and I loved the monster, even if it did get me with a jumpscare! Check out my LP @
Digi Aloe
Digi Aloe 1 month ago
Really fun game xD I manage to beat it though!
Denny 2 months ago
And also, i loved the "Gods luck game" least that is what i call it, it is was a really good surprise, from nowhere a shadow appear on the wall, i gave a look and them: "AAAAAA! LAZERS??!!! OH GOD, A LOT OF THEM!!!! RUUUUN! WHAT THE HELL IS THIS????? A DICE? WHAT????? THEY TOOK A BATTERY FROM ME?? THIS IS AMAZING! A LUCK GAME!" So awesome man. I hope you keep producing games!
Denny 2 months ago
I wish i could vote more than 5 stars on your game, i just finished it and i am so amazed that i think i will try to do my own horror game! Anyway, i wish you look and i am looking forward to see more or your future creations!
Denny 2 months ago
Awesome game! But i am stuck, because i am a noob, but your game have one of the best horror stories, it is a little bit hard to understand on the beginning but i will learn with some progress, i wish you luck on your next creations and a really good phrase of me playing: "Man i need to get out of this bathroom... AAAAAAAAA!!!!! RUUUUUN!" R.I.P Denny 2001-2015...
seftonate 3 months ago
it looks great!
KEY0 3 months ago
Great game.
I made a Let's Play:
TerrinX8 5 months ago
Markiplier played it

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Developer: Casey Venn
Genre: Action
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Unity
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