Mean Two-fisted Biomech

By Mike MacDee - Added On 9/9/2011

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You are Spartan, an unfinished biomech soldier with a chip on his shoulder. You are also Id, the mysterious black op controlling him remotely. Drive Spartan through six episodes of absolute mayhem and hilarious brutality as you wage a private war against the demented Pendragon Labs Corporation. Find the Data Disk, upload it to the Mainframe, and move on to the next mission!

#tds #shooter #stealth #cyborg

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Visor 1 year ago
Sorry, forget to mention the sprites, lol:

The character sprites were simple and undetailed, but still nice enough to look it without it ever becoming painful. The level-tileset was lacking
in some areas. The water, for example, looked lifeless and could have just as easily have been blue carpet. Overall, the graphics aren't particulary
great and full of life but they are still bearable and most likely won't subtract much from the experience.
Visor 1 year ago
Mean Two-Fisted Biomech is an engaging Doom-esque shooter which any old school fps player would appreciate. The level design
is designed with back-tracking in mind and worked extremely well. The Levels were laden by opportunities for the player to exploit, such as leaving
mines in front of doors that will later be opened for the enemies to walk through. Interestingly, reinforcements appear when the
player has progressed through the level -- this feature made the back-tracking more interesting and allowed room for the player to try different ways
to play through the level. The fact that you could set-up mine traps for enemies was also a nice touch.

However, the game has some major flaws which prevent it from delivering a truly enjoyable and 'fair' experience.
Firstly, the AI has some inexcusable issues. I found it incredibly easy to shot an enemy and simply back out of his
radius, rinse and repeat, for easy kills with no risk at all to myself. Secondly the collision system had an issue
where when I ran into a mainframe object and bounced off of it I was helplessly stuck and was forced to restart. (this happened
to me after my 4th attempt at a diffucult level, I was near the end when this occured). The collisions between the Stalito Knife
and the mines appeared to be rather glitchy aswell. In 2/4 attemps, the knife would fly through the mine instead of exploding it
as it normally would.

In conclusion Mean Two-Fisted Biomech is an enjoyable fast-paced action game that is unfortunately hampered down by bad AI and glitchy mechanics. I would reccomend this game at anyone who loves a fast-paced
Doom-inspired bullet hell as long as they can be patient with the unignorable flaws in the game.


- Excellent Level Design
- Engaging Game Play


- Clueless AI
- Glitchy Mechanics
Mike MacDee Game's Developer
Mike MacDee 1 year ago
Thanks for the balanced review! The AI is indeed dumber than most of the enemies I've programmed, but I doubt I'll fix it since I'm so tired of updating this game.
A note on the Stiletto Knife: it only flies a certain distance before landing. If it lands on a mine, it sets it off; otherwise it flies harmlessly over it. In hindsight, a "klink" sound and a few animation frames would have made this more obvious.

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Developer: Mike MacDee
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker
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Cartoon Violence
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Realistic Bloodshed

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