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In a Victorian town plagued by werewolves, you are a lowly werewolf hunter looking to make a name for himself.

This is small game about hunting werewolves, with a game rules menu where you can tweak the parameters of the game to test your skills or tip the scale in your favor.

Inspired by Westerado.

Music by JuurianChi of Atodev.


NOTE: On laptops with integrated graphics, or depending on your graphics settings, the game may be blurry in fullscreen.

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markushopp7 9 months ago here a small Let's Test in German.
I enjoyed the gameplay, but playing it in windowed mode was a bit of.. difficult. Would it be possible to include some resolutions to choose from?

But anyway, I liked the game so far. it's okay and fun for a quick game.
There's not much to say about it..
Oh, and something I didn't like about the.. let's say Options: You can't change the buttons you want to use. For me it is a problem because I use a qwertz keyboard instead of a qwerty keyboard, since I am from Germany. So it was a bit difficult to play sometimes.
4/5 from me for you. :)
Scythegeist 11 months ago
Hi Charlie Carlo, this is my favorite game of you. Lykan just blasted me with it's great limted palette style, and I think the theme is very very genious, with the shadows etc. A pity, that's just one level, and perhaps it were good, if if would be a bit storydriven, but not so sandboxed like it is jet, but Its a great game. Keep it up.
JurianChibo 1 year ago
I liked it! Of course, it would be even more fun with more features (I dunno...possibility of entering houses?), but in overall, it's a really cool game that I played a few times. Good job!
TheLastNomad 1 year ago
fun game, expertly made. Not a lot here but what is here is exactly what its trying to be. Not much in the way of replayability, but fun while I was playing it.
deathcry 1 year ago
Really cool atmosphere!
ShoopLor 1 year ago
Wow, a short but true Lycan Hunter experience. Loved it. Yet, there is much to be added still, I would like an updated version with more features. Keep up the good work.
MGSDBX1986 1 year ago
Dumb question, I tryed a bunch of a different controls and could not for the life of me get past the menu...:( I know its qwerty based...what the heck is the enter button!
LordGavinGames 1 year ago
It's a fairly entertaining game. Very simple and fun and the music/graphics suit the atmosphere well. It's missing a lot of replayability though as well as some variety, but having given the player a fairly open way to customize their game does help the matter. Still, it leaves me wanting more. Overall though, what's done is done well. Good job.
I love the atmosphere and direction of this game, however there wasn't as much action as I had been hoping for.
Talon 1 year ago
Very beautiful game, I especially loved the title screen, it's the best title screen that I've seen in a very long time, I know I sound dumb for saying it, but I really do think that. I think it's amazing how the art style is actually integrated into the game play- specifically the shadows being a clue as to who is a werewolf. There's some nice replay value added thanks to options that let players add in more NPC's/enemies and I really thought I'd keep playing thanks to this, but in my opinion that just makes the round longer and it gives more of the same thing happening over and over... Not that it's a bad thing because I like the game, but I'd love to keep coming back and find more.

I know the creator is done with the game, but if I had to make a request for an update it'd be this: I think what would be cool is if players played the game in consecutive rounds (like the game Joust), each round being a new night where slightly different scenarios happen, this would add variety to gameplay and a sense of persistence and progression I think. On nights with a full moon, the werewolves get even more powerful and numerous. A few more weapons- a trap to lay of some sort and a decoy. Last thing I'd want is some tweaks to combat like others have said- aiming down. I'd personally like a "dodge" ability. It'd also be great if there was a timer for each round I think, I think players should aim to kill werewolves before the nights end.

I loved Lykan, it's an impressive game, but certainly not a game that I could come back to for more and more which is sad because it's world is beautiful.

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Developer: Charlie Carlo
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Mild Fantasy Violence

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