Killers in Cold World (cancel)

By GarlicGuy - Added On 12/16/2009

This game was canceled by the developer, so the current version might be buggy or incomplete. You can Follow this game to be notified if there are any updates.

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I didnt have time to work on this. But I guess I'll keep it up as an example of my

spriting skillz. :)

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Demonstration 2 years ago
Review: Sad that the creator gave up on this, Yet! he left it open so we can still play it. I played it, and wow, Nice work! if i could ask any thing from the creator, it would be to finish this! BUT the game crashed on me. Not sure why, maybe it was the button mashing :) but, either way. I will give this a 7.6/10 (IGN Review Ratings) or, simply a 4/5! So, if you are looking at this review right now, I'll give you a hint, Go download it and give it a try!
GarlicGuy Game's Developer
GarlicGuy 5 years ago
I will finish the game at some point....It may change completely...
but I wont abandon it :)
GarlicGuy Game's Developer
GarlicGuy 5 years ago
Scratch that.
KniteBlargh 5 years ago
Ignore Cros, because my words are FAR more important. (JK of course...)
But anyway, a lot of people get kind of sick of spacebar jumping, so I'd recommend either switching it to shift (but then you have to deal with people that complain about sticky keys and don't know how to deactivate them), or change the primary attack to x, and the secondary attack to c. I also suggest trying to make it so that you can just press up and z to jump into the background instead of having to go for a separate button just for doing that. But anyway, I'm really liking this one so far, and can't wait to see it completed. Awesome stuff man.
GarlicGuy Game's Developer
GarlicGuy 5 years ago
ha ha ok
I'll try to work something out with the controls.
CROS 5 years ago
Dang it, Blargh! I was just giving a suggestion to quickly remedy the problem of having two rows of keys. Bah! But, yeah, you can take Blargh's advice. =D
CROS 5 years ago
I like it, man. Obviously it's still being developed and new stuff will be added. One thing I'd highly recommend is changing the controls up a bit. Having Z to jump and A/S to attack is pretty hard. Maybe have spacebar also jump?

Also, do you plan on adding the other Cold games?
GarlicGuy Game's Developer
GarlicGuy 5 years ago
I had a two at Yoyo games: Cold blood and Cold Blooded
Thanks, I'll add space as an alternate jump

Made of Tree
Made of Tree 5 years ago
Awesome feel to it!
3 5 years ago
Cool Lookin!

Game Info

Developer: GarlicGuy
Genre: Action
Status: Cancelled
Engine/Language: Game Maker


Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Moderate Language

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