Invent A Vehicle

By Fredrik_ - Added On 2/13/2011

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This project is an entry for the Game Jolt Invention Competition.
Use your imagination and create a vehicle and race it through the course.
You decide how many wheels the vehicle should have.

Can you beat the record time with your vehicle?

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Fredrik_ Game's Developer
Fredrik_ 4 years ago
@Green Meteor Team thanks for your comments and I agree that adding wheels is a bit to harsh but as this was entered into the Invention Competition I didn't have time to properly tweak the power/weight ratio so once the competition is judged I will start tweaking it.
The idea behind the game is actually to create wacky designs so this issue kind of defeats it.

"Be creative" is actually the only level that really forces you to do something different and your solution is pretty good. I've used more wheels than that myself to also steady the vehicle :)

The level editor should not be available so that's a clear bug, thanks for letting me know but I have to wait until the judges are done. It's removed on my site though.

Dirt/slick also seems like a bug will look into it and fix it.

Thanks for the feedback and kind words!
Green Meteor Team
Green Meteor Team 4 years ago
The camera work is really smooth and it's nice to be able to make your own vehicle. The weight is really harsh though, I think I'm the first person to beat "Be Creative" and my strategy was to use really 3 really small slick wheels. Speaking of slick wheels, I believe there's a bug when you switch back to them from dirt wheels (the weight stays at the amount for the dirt wheel version).

It's also kind of weird that you can edit the levels which also have highscore lists. That makes it easy to cheat. And my final con is that it appears kinda bland.

So, all that said, I think that with a little more work this game is fun enough and accessible enough to be the kind of game that kids show each other when they're in a computer lab at school, like Line Rider and those sand physics games. In other words, very successful :D

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