HyperBowl Classic

By technicat - Added On 11/15/2009

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HyperBowl Classic is an authorized remake of the original first lane from the 3D fantasy bowling attraction created by Hyper Entertainment. Move the mouse to push the bowling ball forward, left, right, even backwards! Roll around to explore the scenery, but watch out for the water and the time.

For more information, visit http://hyperbowl3d.com/ HyperBowl is a trademark of Hyper Entertainment, Plc.

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technicat Game's Developer
technicat 5 years ago
Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the GUI, yeah, that can make for a long game, but it's part of the original game design (from 2001?), so I don't envision changing that aspect - you can still download the original Classic lane demo from Tucows - http://www.tucows.com/preview/266462 - if you want to compare.
Karmington 5 years ago
looks good but the delay between rolls, waiting for the gui to rack up the score is painful. Also it feels like the ball's collision is smaller than it looks, i get bowls going through the 1st pin center without hitting the 2nd and 3rd pins... Sound feels a bit twitchy also.

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Developer: technicat
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
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