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Comes with map of Eternia, Versus Fighting mode, shooting/riding stages and Giant Bosses.

He-Man, Man-At-Arms, BattleCat, Sorceress, Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, She-Ra , Ram-Man , Teela and Lion-O are playable now.

Characters requests or special moves requests are welcomed especially now when i'm creating characters and figuring out all animations and special moves.

Archive contains openbor engine to run the game, exe is for windows and apk file is for android.It is possible to play on other platforms like Linux, Mac or Wii, because engine is ported to many different platforms.
Windows version is ready to play, just run openbor exe and it will play he-man.pak file inside a paks folder.
Android APK version neeeds to be installed on android device first.

You need at least 1.5ghz device or dualcore like galaxy s2 to play the game, its in 960x480 resolution and older phones cant handle it (first galaxy i9000 cant) and gameplay is choppy , skipping frames and overall not that enjoyable.
After installation you should run openbor engine once to create all required folders on sdcard, then exit openbor (it wont run the game cause all data is inside of pak file)
Move pak files from paks folder of the archive to paks folder in openbor folder on your sdcard, then move touch.txt to saves folder which is in openbor folder.Touch.txt is config file to display touch buttons on android but it's not required, it's to place buttons where you like them to be.
Now if you have he-man pak in paks folder then you can run openbor again and it should work, i tested it many times on my phone.

Linux,Mac and Wii versions are in their own folders, you need to move he-man.pak to paks folder after you install them because pak file contains all game data.

Game is also playable on other platforms, just download latest archive from here, it has all other platforms , then just move he-man.pak to paks folder.

Some sprite animations can be seen on http://bwwd.deviantart.com/gallery/

More recent info:

You can also subscribe on YouTube to get most recent info and video updates about the game and visit my other games.

I was asked several times about accepting donations ,  I cant charge for this game for obvious reasons but if people would like to support it , here's my paypal address:  2blackbar@gmail.com

Thanks for playing.


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MislavDuilo 3 weeks ago
Casbyness 1 month ago
This game is simply amazing, I love it! :)

Some more specific comments:

- The main thing missing and first thing that needs adding is a final boss and ending. Even if you just threw in a quick fight with Hordak, followed by 3 or 4 static screens showing the player that Eternia has been saved (maybe show the King and Queen thanking the player), then that would keep people happier until you completed more of the game. The final level only leading to a single splash screen, with no sense of achievement, is the biggest flaw the game has at the moment.

- If you're playing He-Man or Skeletor, you can be very cheap and just spam summon your cat partner all the time. She-Ra's summon is much more balanced, since Swift Wind's attacks drain "mana" quickly, forcing him to leave. If the cat's also drained mana when they attacked that would help prevent spamming.

- The running animations aren't quite right. One of the most well-remembered and funniest cliches from the TV series was the way He-Man (and everyone else, for that matter) ran in profile. You've created your own running animations, when I think mimicking the well known ones from the TV would have been better.

- He-Man's raised arm when he lifts the sword doesn't look right. It should be more to the left, away from his body. Only a minor thing though. She-Ra's "mission complete" pose should be a similar sword-raised pose.

- It would be awesome if executing special moves caused the player character to say something. A few (like say, 6) recorded lines of speech that shuffled randomly would be perfect. Alternatively, giving the player a "taunt" command to increase damage on the next attack (plus increase enemy damage if they strike first) which had a few different speech results, would work.

- The Palace should be a place you can switch character if you want, even when not out of lives. Other functions could be added to it later.

- It would be more difficult and exciting if it played like the old TMNT game, where once you ran out of lives with a character they were lost for good. This wouldn't rachet up the difficulty very high, since there are now tonnes of characters to choose from. "Oh no, I've lost Man-at-Arms, time to switch to He-Man!" :)

- Other people have mentioned all the rest of the stuff I was going to. I expect you're working on a second map (Etheria!). I think it makes the most sense if the game consisted of completing Eternia, then Etheria, facing Hordak at the end to beat the game. Mum-Ra would make an awesome optional side boss!

- It would add to the game's narrative if at the beginning there was a screen or two stating that you're questing to rescue all those locked up munchkins. A counter showing how many have been saved would help too. Just something you could add as a short term measure until the real story/goal was sorted.

- Remember that if you make Etheria you'll need to start adding a few more heroes/villains from the She-Ra cartoon!
NoticeMehSenpai 1 month ago
By the power of the gray skull, I am HEMAN!!!!
OareasO 2 months ago
You just made The Most Powerful Game in the Universe!
I like everything about it the map level selection, the music choice, The animation and ofcourse the gameplay! The characters I would like to see are bravestarr and Thirty-thirty.
lagrie 2 months ago
What about Hordak? really would be awsome to see him.
nikolagocic3 3 months ago
Will there be an update any time soon?
White Dragon
White Dragon 3 months ago
Great game bWWd!! Great animations too!
chriscrank35 4 months ago
I seem to be having a problem saving my game. Once I beat a level if I start the game again its back. Awesome work though...love it. What do I do to save my game though?
bWWd Game's Developer
bWWd 4 months ago
Everythingon map is reset when you visit character select screen so you cant really save the game, i would have to find some other way to save and also to reset all levels if someone would like to play from the beginning.Maybe i will just reset levels status on gameover screen not when you end the game from pause menu.It should solve this problem.
GreenNinjaN 4 months ago
What you have here is pretty fantastic. I love what you have going on here but there are few things that could make Eternia mode even better.

1. After defeating all the levels there should be a final throw-down with Hordak at Castle Grayskull. It seems like the story is about Hordak trying to conquer Eternia since his bots are everywhere. So it seems appropriate to have a nice big boss battle with him at the end.

2. The Playable characters you have so far are fun but if you're gonna have Lion-O you might as well have the rest of the Thundercats. You could even throw the Silver Hawks in there just for fun, not sure how well they would fit in. But the number one playable He-Man character that should be in this game is Stratos. Also, Lion-O should have an Up,Up, Attack move that clears the screen like He-Man where he shouts, "Thunder, thunder, Thundercats, Ho!" That would be incredible.

3. Have more boss fights.
There are plenty of heavy goons to make as bosses for some of these levels. Tricolops, Mer-Man and Moss Man are good examples. Also, have a stage where we can fight Beast-Man without Dragon I've always wanted to smack him around good and proper. King Hiss would also be an awesome addition either as a boss or a playable character. You could also use Mumm-Ra and his goons since you have Lion-O, might as well.

4. Unlockables/Collectables and Items.
Throughout the map you could have alternate costumes that you unlock as you complete an area or satisfy a specific challenge for the level. For instance He-Man could have a Prince Adam alternate outfit or a Keldor outfit for Skeletor, etc.
The Royal Palace seems rather useless as it is. If you turned into a HQ for the character where you could manage outfits, power-ups or change characters and color without resetting. If you had less health crystals or no health crystals in the levels you could make it necessary to return to the capitol from time to time to regroup and resupply, just like in the show. You could load up the Palace with health crystals and then have a merchant in the city that sells potions for enhanced speed, limited invulnerability, enhanced strength, etc. that would help give that area a bit more purpose.

5. The options menu and the moves list should be available from the in-game pause menu.

All of that being said I love what you have already, its a treat to play. The music, the sound effects, the artwork is all superbly represented. Keep it up, this project is exciting.
bWWd Game's Developer
bWWd 4 months ago
I'm planning to do almost everything You mentioned.Slowly getting there :)
ralbalboa 5 months ago
Is Panthor in there too???? Amazing, man!!!!!!! Hope you keep this great and hard work!!!! By the way... Adam and Adora?
bWWd Game's Developer
bWWd 5 months ago
Yes hes playable and also skeletor can call him in , About Adam and Adora... other characters cant see you transforming also im not sure what adam would do if he couldnt really fight.
ralbalboa 5 months ago
They could just use the sword and some punching and kicking, without specials, just as other playable characters, it would add a little more difficulty to the game! (also calling Cringer and Spirit??? Hahah, just kidding) Just throwing ideas. It's just that you such an amazing job with those sprites reviving all those characters....brings me back to my childhood Don't listen to me, all the things that you do are superb!!!!

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