Galaxy Forces V2

By rh_galaxy - Added On 10/21/2011

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A 1-8 player 2D network game. Each player is in control of a ship. The goal is to kill everything that lives to get the best score (dogfight), or race against the clock and your opponents to get the fastest time (race). There is also a mode where the players compete to transport cargo (mission), and where they cooperate (mission_coop).

There are 50 official levels, and a map-editor is included so you can create your own. Also online hiscores are available, and there is currently an active contest on 6 of the levels.

The game is inspired by the Amiga game Gravity Force, and it could be considered a Gravity Force clone with more features.

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khjentertainment 1 year ago
Hi i want see a source can you give me source?
Ced2k 2 years ago
It's fun, but it's hard. I think that we should have health. It's too easy to die. I like this game.

Game Info

Developer: rh_galaxy
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: C/C++
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