Forced Evolution

Forced Evolution

By Jason Campbell - Added On 10/30/2013

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6 Nov 2013 - Remember: this is a work in progress. Much, much more to come :)

Forced Evolution was made for the GMC Jam #12 and was created in a 72 hour window.

I have been coding as a hobbiest since 2005 in C++ and DirectX. I managed to stumble across Game Maker around three months ago and was (am still am) very impressed with how solid and verstaile this tool is. I can't see myself turning back from here!

I am strongly thinking of completing this game (as it is more of a tech demo at the moment), depending on what sort of feedback I get. I have many many features, challenges, combat, etc.. that I have in my mind that I couldn't possibly go close to doing in the 72 hour challenge window.

So, please tell me what you think. If people like my style I'll happily continue coding on it. Go on, play it, and give me some feedback! :)

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KtSmag 6 months ago
Nice game. I like it.
Jason Campbell Game's Developer
Jason Campbell 6 months ago
Hi Kt :)

Thanks for you kind comments. Although the frame rate was about half what it should have been in your video. Possibly the vid capture software was slowing things down?

I have noticed this a couple of times now when people capture the game. Next update, I'll take this into account, so we can keep frame rate stable on all systems.
Xaychru 8 months ago
Nice game, a bit short, but I liked the dark mood, though the voices didn't fit the game well... Anyway, good work, would like to see more! :)
Jason Campbell Game's Developer
Jason Campbell 8 months ago
Thanks man. Yes, it is very short in its current form. Still a long way to go in this WIP :)
TheWatchGamer 8 months ago
great game!, but better walking animations and voice actors vould help
redra55 8 months ago
great job
ObsidianSkin 8 months ago
Heh, great job. I will stay tuned for updates, because I enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought you did an awesome job. 4/5
Jason Campbell Game's Developer
Jason Campbell 8 months ago
Thanks man! Tapping away at it right now ;)
Jason Campbell Game's Developer
Jason Campbell 8 months ago
Thanks guys, I hope you liked the first level. Action will ramp right up from here on in, with the next update.
deadbricks10 8 months ago
Great game. :D It has even been uploaded yet... I just know it's gonna be good. :P
MrSpacemau5 8 months ago
yes, it's gonna be great

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Developer: Jason Campbell
Genre: Action
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Game Maker: Studio
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