BLAME (Alpha 0.1)

By Casey Venn - Added On 1/14/2013

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WARNING: This is a horror / survival game. Epileptics, as well as those who are sensitive to light play at their own discretion. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also use caution.

This game is still in early alpha mode, so it only has a very small fraction of the elements that I want to include. Achievements aren't programmed in yet, but the cool thing about them is that they'll also unlock concept art. So by viewing the achievements you've earned, you'll also be getting a glimpse at some extra material. That won't be for a few more builds, give or take, but it's a cool idea.

It's horror / survival, but there is a story. You have to dig into the game, however, to piece it together. You might also have to uncover a lot of the hidden / secret material. Since it's still the first alpha, there are only a few secrets available to find. Unfortunately you can't earn achievements yet, so you might not even realize you've found them.

I should mention, this is my very first game. So, feedback is very much welcomed. I had to teach myself how to program in about 3-4 days, so anything that can help the development is appreciated.

Beta v.0.5 Notes:

-I've removed the tagging system. It was an interesting concept, but it didn't work well in execution. R.I.P. tagging system. I'm pretty sure no one will miss you, old buddy.

-Radios. There are radios now. That happened.

-Story. The game now has bits and pieces of the story.

-Endings. Better Endings. The old game featured one ending. You find all the items, you see this silly drawing... Game Over. Boring. The new version of BLAME features multiple endings.

-Easter Eggs. They're in there. More to come.

-My gratitude. I extend it to everyone who plays the game, whether you love it or hate it, thank you for giving it a shot.


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Basto 11 hours ago
Great game, let's play up now!
1_2b6ab2 1 week ago
Love it man! Did a playthrough for you man and leaving a link to your game on it. If you wanna see it look up OakLand Peer on youtube. Well done on the game by the way! It scared the crap out of me!
Rezkeh 1 week ago
Very scary horror short! Well done developer, especially since it is your first game. Impressive!

Let's Play:
paolo123 1 month ago
here's my gameplay
12thedata12 1 month ago
I wanted to play this game for a while and finally did, here's a link if you want to see. I nearly shat myself (btw this game is VERY scary)
DonatelloVersace_ 1 month ago
Awesome game, I just made a gameplay where I complete the game if anyone wants to check it out.. There's some funny jumpscare reactions in there too haha
Cdd724 2 months ago
Great game, just a great game, I recorded it and loved it so here's my link and enjoy my lets play of this great game!
Here's my link to my video:
Dengenesis 2 months ago
I am never touching this game again.
nazarene-N-jewel 2 months ago
HeadbangKiller 3 months ago
Very good game, hope it will be better with time. For example, if we can change the controlles, it will be nice.
BonsaiBomber 3 months ago
Wait... you move with the directional keys in this one ?! I' m with you if you tell me if you move with the arrow keys. I am very uncomfortable with the arrow keys.

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Developer: Casey Venn
Genre: Action
Status: In Development
Engine/Language: Unity


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