Barrel Crushers

By Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard - Added On 2/24/2011

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Controls Player 1:

Up arrow key: Move forward
Left and right arrow keys: Rotate left and right
"Enter": Attack

Controls Player 2:
"W": Move forward
"A" and "D": Rotate left and right
"Space": Attack

Based on the Danish tradition "Fastelavn", you must be the first one to crush the barrel and become "Cat King". If you get the barrel's HP to half, you become "Cat Queen" and candy suddenly appears everywhere. If you pickup the candy, you become faster, which makes it easier for you to pickup weapons.

Remember, the hammer does twice as much damage than the wooden stick. Also remember make tactical decisions on how and when to use it, as you can also hit you opponent.

This game was made in a weekend at the Indie9000 game jam in Aalborg
(2011-18-02 - 2011-20-02)


Designers/Level designers:
Thomas Flyvholm Pilgaard
Tom Quast

Rolf Vidstid

Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard
Kristian Hedeholm

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Game Info

Developer: Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
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