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Abstracta is a semi-abstract, meditative, top-scrolling, game with a collect & avoid-type gameplay and occasional elements of classic arcade shooting. The concept is based on presenting the player with an increasing variety of powerups that each alter the gameworld or the gameplay in a different way. Since these alterations can be combined, Abstracta features a pretty big combinatorial field of possible gameplay modes, despite the very simple basic gameplay. 

In Campaign Mode, you can play the full game, including four different boss fights and register your score online. In Free Play you can experiment with the combinations of powerups in a sandbox-type environment where scores aren't registered.

Basic rules to get started are very simple - collect the gems and powerups, and avoid the dangerous mines. Enjoy ;D

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Devskback 5 years ago
Best of the Week, Second of the month (to this point). Great game, but it doesn't pose much of a challenge. Your score is determined by your attention span, really. The game is well polished and flawless, so it deserves a legitimate 4. Yes, a legit 4. Not the kind of four you give to a game with blocks, but the kind of 4 that makes you feel accomplished.
blobman72 5 years ago
Awesome game
also, how many bosses are there?
Creative Spark Studios Game's Developer
Thanks :) There are four bosses in all - takes a while to get to the last one, though ;)
Amidos 5 years ago
I liked the music and the background effects it so awesome :) Nice Game :)
KniteBlargh 6 years ago
Simple fun. Definitely got more absorbing once the power-ups were being unlocked and such. The first boss' design caught me off guard and gave me a laugh. I got confused when the Pacman power became available, and then I died. Haha! Great work man.
Trevor Gerhardt
Trevor Gerhardt 6 years ago
Boss was a surprise. Took way too long to kill him though.
WadeMcGillis 6 years ago
Nice game, but it's way too easy.

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Developer: Creative Spark Studios
Genre: Action
Status: Complete
Engine/Language: Flash
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