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  • Just got my first level 20 (wizard) and thought I'd make a topic here for us Jolters to share stories or thoughts on the game. If you guys are wondering, RotMG is a splendid mix of rougelike, action, arcade, rpg and run n' gun and is avalable on Steam or, if you really want to, be played in-browser... for free (though some aesthetics are there for a price, but theres hardly anything which affects gameplay).

  • I play RotMG. Name is Carce, i think. I have been playing this game for a some time... Unlocked all classes, few of them have 3 starts. I have ¬†few tier 10 items, like my moon robe. I don't usualy use rare items because after getting to the 3rd star, i ussualy die in a horrible bug/lag/glitch accident.

    Since i started playing the game before Steam got it, i played in a browser. Well, after a while you don't really want to play on 1/5 of your screen. So i made a simple, yet effective fullscreen desktop client for the game. For now it has almost no features other then full screen and not needing a browser, but if it gets any love i see no reason to not upgrade it. (As many of my projects are, this one is mainly made for my personal use, but i uploaded it so people don't waste their time doing the same.)

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