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  • I'm glad to hear you're playing them fully through. Mine really doesn't have a strong start :P
  • Given the time I took into my entry and the quality of the other entrants I'm sure I'm not really in for a higher place, but I'm fine with that :) I appreciate all the work you judgey types are doing, and thanks for holding the contest. It was fantastic to see so many people entered it!

  • Kotaku made a little news entry about our entry Nyctohylophobia here! http://kotaku.com/5940406/in-this-cool-free-game-youll-hunt-a-deadly-beast-in-the-black-of-night

  • I will be judging the contest tonight, guys. Stay tuned.

  • Waiting to see who will be crowned most worthy of the GJ shirts


  • The contest results have been announced! Check the contest page to see who won.

    Thanks a bunch everyone for making this the best Game Jolt contest evar! Here's to many more! Yush!

  • Congratulations to the winners! I enjoyed playing my yearly dose of scary games with the community.

  • Congrats Krees and Nik on 1st and 3rd place.

    Thanks for rating my game 2nd, I'm pleasantly surprised, there were some great games out there :)

  • Congrats to the winners! I miss the Fun Time things KniteBlargh used to write, but I'm sure with that many entries it would have been a pain in the butt to come up with them all #emotions_dlg.tongue}" src="http://gamejolt.com/img/forums/emotions/tongue.png" alt="{#emotions_dlg.tongue}" />

  • Congrats to the winners as well as to everyone who entered! It was a lot of fun playing through the entries.

  • Wow, so many thanks :D My first contest on Gamejolt, aah.. I don't belive it. Congrats to others, and thanks to everyone, who played my game. 

    And a little secret: I will continue the story, but I need a little donation (not to much, approx $150-200). More info soon, hope, you will help a little :)

    Thanks again, I can't say anything.. I'm totally surprised and happy. Thanks.:D

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  • NAL ~
    Overly Attached Slendergirlfriends
    "Forget the prizes, I participated for the golden opportunity to satisfy all my cravings and desires for deformed crazed women (and the chance of being the only one to obtain an award from KniteBlargh, of course)." Award

  • Yes! Yush!

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  • Yay! Now for the next contest! :D

  • I'm with FatalSleep, how about a weekend Jam? I mean, school's in again and some of us only have just the time in the weekends to design.

    I vote for weekend jam Yush!