Indie Game Demake Contest!

Posted On 7/1/2010 By KniteBlargh

Contest 5 Teaser

I have to say, it was very entertaining watching everyone guess the contest theme, and a couple of you got it right, so kudos to those of you that guessed correctly!

The poster I made was based on the famous indie game Cave Story as many of you already know, but no, it was not a screenshot as some thought. The pixel art tiles in Cave Story were 16x16 pixels in size, so what I did was recreate (or decreate) them as 8x8 tiles.

So let's see here... (1) I took a well-known indie game, and then (2) I demade it... Since those were the two hidden hints in the poster, what would that make the contest theme?

The theme is Indie Game Demake! Why is it that there are more than enough remakes to go around, but hardly any demakes? Something has got to be done about this! Forget about adding features and improving game-play, let's kick things down a notch, remove those extra embellishments, and warp our favourite indie games back to a time before their very existence!

We've got one week to choose our favourite indie games and demake them; make the versions that should have been released before the real games. So, with that in mind, look over all the rules before you go diving back in time, and do your best!

So go ahead, start demaking!

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KiritoStupe 11 months ago
awesome!!!! :D


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