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Posted On 7/17/2010 By KniteBlargh

Though quite a few seemed to be thrown off-track at first by my rather confusing description of what exactly an "indie game demake" is, things didn't turn out so badly after all; with the help of a little extra explanation, we still wound up getting lots of participation from many of the familiar faces here on Game Jolt, as well as some newcomers! To any of you that were confused at first by the theme, we'd like to thank you for giving us that chance to explain, and thanks goes out to everyone for helping yet another Game Jolt contest succeed.

Without further ado, let's roll out the winners of this competition!


Warning Foregone

1st Place
Warning Foregone

A lot of people saw this one coming, and you can definitely see why. Everyone loves a good boss battle, and Warning Foregone isn't simply a copy of the original game, Warning Forever, with retro graphics. Through the process of devolution, Warning Foregone took on some of its own personality while still maintaining important qualities that are often necessary to enjoy arena shmups such as this one. Smooth controls, addictive gameplay, and attractively demade visuals and sounds make this a real treat.


2nd Place

Now, personally, Seiklus is one game I didn't really see being demade, but then Legendary Creations came along and showed us all how it's done. Once again, this entry was in no way a copy of the original; the story and goals of the original were still kept intact, but the puzzles and environments were the things most noticeably different in this demake. Although Sulkeis had these differences, the whole thing was presented in a way that made it rather believable as a demake, almost as if it had been the prototype of Seiklus no one knew about.

Saucelifter 8-Bit

3rd Place
Saucelifter 8-Bit

This is one of those games that takes us back in time to when games didn't need to tell us everything that was going on; they just told us what to do and we either obeyed, or it was "Game Over" for us! The original Saucelifter had a very polished feel to it with its vector graphics and smooth spacey stereo sounds, but Saucelifter 8-bit ditched all that paint/glitter and went down to the basics, and did so in a charming way I may add. Besides all that though, who in their right mind can resist the temptation of blowing the roof off of a building and watching tiny pixelized men scattering about?


Are you ready for the awards? Well, even if you aren't, the awards are ready for you!

Unnamed Lugaru Demake
Backstabbing Bunny Award

Retro Bonetown
lolimp Award

madnessMADNESSmadness Demake
"Don't look back!" Award

Best Text Editor Award

"Make it stop! *slams keyboard*" Award

Forever Flying Award

Blok Asylum
Best Remake Award

Space Horseshoe Award

INNOQUOUS 3 - De-make
The Earth Doesn't Spin Award

Glitchy Escape
Panic & Twirl Award

Elemence Au
"You Died." x 50 Award

Skydiver Demake
Plummeting Bird Fodder Award

5400 Zombies
PsychoPandomium Ripoff Award

Karoshi Pocket
Pocket-Sized Suicide Award

"I swear that falling stalactite has some kind of grudge against me." Award

"That's a lot of bug guts." Award

AAAAA Reckless Indie Demake

Suicide Bomber
"I wish that bomb belonged to me." Award

The Mayan Ball
Pink Screen of Death Award

Plants vs Zombies Retro
No Rest For Farmers Award

Minecraft 8Bit
Piggy Trapper Award

High-Tech LED Display Award

Life As The Hunted Award

Alone In The Dark Award

Specter Spelunker Resizes
Man in the Demade Moon Award

Stalking Box Gang Award

Gun Of Thunder
Funny Gun Award

Cutesicle Award

Hold Off Brownish-Yellow
"The world would be a beautiful and happy place if everything were Brownish-Yellow." Award

Stilt-Legged Explorer Award

Innoquous .5
Innoqulously Innoqulous Award

Most Relaxing Minecraft Demake Award

"He jumped out the window in search of Above the Sky." Award

Ultimate Escape!
Wobble Wobble Shake Award

Tower Demake
Follow My Lead And Die Award

Broth ver 0.45
KniteBlargh Is A Weirdo Award

Crimsonland 0.5
Think Fast Act Faster Award

Spastic Wall Jumper Award

"This must be what it feels like to be stung by a hundred hornets at once." Award

"Thar be spikes undar them thar gold!" Award


Congratulations to our winners, and everyone else who entered! Any of you that have been waiting to update your entries may now do so freely with no worries, and we look forward to seeing such lively participation once again the next time a contest rolls around the corner!

Let's also end with a big thanks to the original developers of all the indie games we chose to demake during this competition!

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Kanosis 4 years ago
This contest is rigged against me every time.
scoz 4 years ago
The runner up prizes are always the best bit of these compos :D
rotten_tater 4 years ago
I second that statement! xD
Link3000 4 years ago
LOL. I like my award, but it makes me wonder how far you guys got...
BK-TN 4 years ago
I guess the "KniteBlargh Is A Weirdo" Award is actually a disguise for a secret secondary first place?
deletedlolz 4 years ago
I am honored to have the lolimp award.

PsychoPandomium Rip-off Award LOL!!
Kris 4 years ago
"I wish that bomb belonged to me" award and Horseshoe award XD
Congratz winners!
Zack 4 years ago
Couldn't think of a better award for my game, myself. XD

Congrats to the winners!


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