Axiom Contest Results

Posted On 9/6/2009 By KniteBlargh

Well, the axiom competition has come and gone, and let me tell you, beauty is definitely in the eye of this beholder!

Coming up with ideas for some of the tricky axioms we chose definitely couldn't have been easy, but there wound up being some really creative entries, and we know that's only because all of you put so much effort into your creations. Actions really do speak louder than words, and you all showed that by actually putting your ideas to good use instead of just letting them sit around for the dust bunnies to laugh at. So, with that, I present to you... Wait... What? Excuse me for a minute everyone.

Sorry for the interruption folks, I just got word of some rather big news that I think you're going to like. We'll get back to the contest in a minute.

Ad Revenue Sharing Public Beta

Winners never quit and quitters never win, and since no one's been quitting, we figure everyone must be a winner, so we've decided to reward all of our users with something they've been waiting for. We're opening up the Ad Sharing Revenue beta to the public! That's right, no more closed beta; now everyone will be able to get in on the profits and watch the funds continue to grow! More games equals better Game Jolt, better ads, and bigger profit.

Along with this, there's going to be a bit of a change in the percentage of ad sharing revenue for new developers. Any new developers that sign up from this day on will get 30% ad sharing revenue, but there will be some more announcements soon with information on how to increase that percentage, so stay tuned! (Developers that signed up during the closed beta period will continue to make their promised 50% for life.)

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I know you've all been waiting for this:


1st Place
Raimond EX

Simply amazing, hands down! There are so many possibilities in Raimond EX, it's ridiculous, seriously. It's all about how you decide to approach your quest for a doctor that will cure your suffering brother. There are so many fine details in the game's system that could have been left out if Theodolite didn't feel like dealing with them, but instead, he added those little extras that make the game that much more amazing. For example, things like chemical explosions, destructible terrain, and gossip; if you hurt someone innocent, word gets out fast!

We also believe that Theodolite made good use of the two axioms. The game is simply PACKED full of comedy and wit, albeit a little morbid at times. Those candles really are something to fear; I can totally see why the main character would be mentally scarred and afraid of fire.

2nd Place
Paul Moose In Space World

Talk about unique, this game is it! Everything about this game is charming, the visual style, the music, the story, and how the plot untwists. That full version poster that pops up in-game had us wondering for a minute, because it was rather convincing at first glance, but once we took a moment to actually read the features on that poster, you just have to laugh and realize that there's another way to pass the sad door, I mean, come on, "moose antlers rendered at 10,000 fps in the full version"? AHAHAHAA! Once you get through the sad door, the game just gets better, and that's when the chosen axiom really comes into play.

Was the axiom used well? Indeed it was. All communication with the alien race is limited to pictures. It becomes quite comical, and you begin to realize that communication via pictures or scribbles can be just as deceiving as falsehoods by word-of-mouth.

3rd Place
No Longer Apart

This entry was an awesome surprise to say the least. The visual style was appealing and cheerful, and the puzzles were definitely finely tuned. We were kind of wondering if this one would turn out well or not because of the long list of axioms ACT Works chose to incorporate, but boy did he manage to pull it off! There's a lot of variety in the levels, and getting a perfect score is hard as heck, but I personally like the fact that you can still at least complete the levels if you're careful enough, even if you don't go through the level perfectly. That gives everyone the opportunity to go back and improve their scores.

We commend you ACT Works for your ability to use so many axioms while still managing to create something very enjoyable in the end.


Yeah, we're giving out awards to all of the entries again! Hopefully you'll find them amusing, because after all, laughter is the best medicine.

The Evil Audrey Award
32 II

The "S-ss-s-sm-sm-ss-s-s-smoke?!" Award

The Void of Darkness Award
Burnt By Ice

The Shoot Thine Enemies with Kindness Award
You Are Some Random SpaceShip Who Has To Save The Universe Because Everyone Knows That Random People Do That In Video Games Because They Know How To Save The World From An Epidemic

The Vision Warping /\/ Brain Twisting Award

The Colourless Cave Robber Award

The M, D, and I Unsolved Mystery Award
Inverse Polarity

The Upload Failed Award
You Can't Win

The Killer Fart Bomb Award
One-Eyed Regicide

The Quitter Key Award
Don't Press Escape!!!

The Indestructible Purple Eyeball Award

The Flamer Award

The Vandalized Art by KniteBlargh Award
The Hilarity of Murder

The Victory Over Softcrap Award
It Only Takes a Second

The Paper Space Award
Final Kapster

The "Wow, I'm not even skilled enough for the first mission..." Award

The First Person Novel Award
The Clementine Paradox

The Impossibly Possible Award

The Analog Sensei Award
Clock Setter


Congratulations to everyone, and may our next contest be just as successful, if not more so; it's all thanks to your support, so keep it up guys! We look forward to bringing you more news regarding the ad revenue sharing system soon!

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Gornova 5 years ago
what is "The Upload Failed Award" ? :D
supremewarrior 5 years ago
Since I worked with Theodlite and we won first place! I have a special request if that is possible, I would like to give the steam game to the guy who got 2nd place, thecatamites. As soon as we found out how many people was in the contest we were a little worried but it just made us work even harder during the little time that we had.

Congratulations to everyone who entered!


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