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Want to be a Gymnast?

Posted On 4/24/2008
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Enjoy the things, your body won’t do, virtually!

Gymnast Screen 1Gymnast Screen 2

A developer, that as far as I can tell goes by the name of walaber, has created and released a game that allows you to be a gymnast in his cleverly titled game Gymnast. In Gymnast you play the role of exactly that and you control it with a dual analog controller in the assumption that you have one. It’s quite addicting and enjoyable, the novelty of the thing is one of its greatest feats.

Gymnast is a physics-based acrobatic game with 100% analog controls. The game makes use of a modern gamepad, using the analog thumbsticks to give 1-to-1 control over the joints on a gymnast character.

You can visit the website to download here.

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