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Tom Grochowiak on GameMaker for Professional Developers

Posted On 1/9/2012
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Tom GrochowiakTom Grochowiak blogs about the love-hate relationship he has with GameMaker as a professional game developer.  Under the MoaCube banner Tom has been the main developer on the Magi and ArcMagi magic strategy games and the upcoming Cinders visual novel

Dividing his thoughts into sections focusing on the good and bad aspects of GameMaker as he sees them for commercial game developers, Tom outlines the benefits, such as rapid development from the off, and drawbacks, many of which he notes are being worked on in the future GameMaker Studio edition.

The full post is well worth a read, but Tom concludes:

“Let me reiterate: when faced with the responsibility of having to spend actual money that isn’t ours, we concluded that using a completely new engine is less risky than working in software I’ve been using for the past 7 years. It made me think. You should consider it too.

GameMaker is a tool with much promise, and may well become a viable choice eventually, but it needs more time and better handling from YoYo Games. They could probably use some constructive feedback that’s not just straight hate, so if you are a professional indie developer, consider getting in touch with them and let them know what bothers you about the software and what improvements would be crucial for you to consider using it. The guys there really wish well and deserve the chance.”

In a way this tells us what we already know – GameMaker is good for beginners and most 2D game projects but has shortcomings for larger games – but it is interesting to see these points laid out by one of the more serious developers using Game Maker.

Tom Grochowiak on GameMaker for Professional Developers is taken from: GameMaker Blog


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